3 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge: Day 1

I am all about quotes! Because I find reading parallel to writing. If you scroll up and down my blog, quotes will jump at you from every direction!

So a huge thanks to the lovely bloggers Sophia, Anchal, and ang4him who nominated me for this fun challenge.

‘In headaches and in worry

  Vaguely life leaks away,

And Time will have his fancy

  To-morrow or to-day.


‘O look, look in the mirror,

  O look in your distress:

Life remains a blessing

  Although you cannot bless.


‘O stand, stand at the window

  As the tears scald and start;

You shall love your crooked neighbour

  With your crooked heart.’

W. H. Auden, As I Walked Out One Evening




This morning, I was waiting for the little man to blink at the cross section and indicate that I can commence walking.

A big bell was chiming in the distance, announcing the time.

I was two blocks away from work, my mind creating to-do lists on autopilot.

Something roared in my peripheral vision.

It was an egg-yoke yellow Ferrari.

The smug and impatient driver pushed on the gas pedal, the still Ferrari growled at the red light.

I scanned the morning crowd: A lady was video chatting on her phone, a middle-aged man was wiping a stain off his dress shirt, a pigeon was trudging on the sidewalk, befuddled.

The beastly snarls didn’t turn heads, didn’t turn the light green, didn’t take him to cognizance any faster.

I am going to play mischief with the rules and instead of tagging bloggers, I ask you to please share your favourite quote/poem in the comments.


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  1. Here’s one of my favorites, from the irascible Mark Twain: “There are many humorous things in the world; among them, the white man’s notion that he is less savage than the other savages.” You can see more of my favorite quotes on Goodreads:


    Have a great day!


    1. My favourite Mark Twain quote was one where he said he didn’t attend someone’s funeral but he sent a very nice letter saying he approved!!

      1. Mark Twain, Mark Twain, Mark Twain! ❤️

      2. Ha ha, I hadn’t heard that one!

      3. So it is decided, I have to read more Mark Twain!

    2. Beautiful, I will check out your Goodreads as well, I oftentimes hang out over there 🙂

  2. Beautiful poetry. “You shall love your crooked neighbour
      With your crooked heart.’” You can still love crooked people even with a crooked heart.
    Favourite quote: “Life’s most urgent and persistent question is, what are you doing for others?”

    1. That’s a beautiful quote to live by, thanks for sharing x

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