3 Quotes, 3 Days : Day 2- TorontoStrong

Picture of Malangatana Ngwenya: Untitled (1967), Tate Modern


Today, the news from Toronto haunts me. I am burdened with a mountain of sadness, so forgive my morbid words.

If we each live properly, we will collectively flourish

-Jordan Peterson


There is a knot in my heart

If we live properly… only if… if… IF


But he didn’t

And he stifled them from flourishing


They will lie in the ground

Bones will turn to dust


He stole their days



One Monday, their week started

A week that will never finish


Lives un-finished

IF we live properly




They collectively died

On the pavement of their home


I will be sad

And they will be dead


I will be okay

And they will be dead


I will forget

And still they will be dead


Death bestowed on them irretrievably

Lives rendered incomplete


If we raise proper children

We won’t collectively die un-finished


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      1. You have done a part by writing on this. So much change can happen through education, the government and the people, because this is how we teach young boys to become responsible citizens and respect women and all people.

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