A blue dream


“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

― Edgar Allan Poe

I was asleep sound, on a boat.

A round window greeted my eyes when I opened them.

It was a perfect circle framing the ocean.

The sky was an eye-squinting blue, and the absent sun was sparkling on the trembling waves.

They were tiny waves disturbing the ocean’s calm surface.

All my eyes could see was water, shiny sun-kissed water meeting the sky far away.

What a ghastly sight!

I could sense the boast fastened onto something secure on the shore and that was the only thing keeping my pulse down. Keeping my heart from going wild every time the deceiving innocence of the baby waves rocked the boat.

Back and forth … back and forth …

I never found the beauty in the ocean.

The thought of floating on a liquid unreliability is so unsettling.

The conveyor of desperation.

Nothing to hold on to, nothing to run to, just rocking back and forth impotently on the flimsy water, wobbling with no promise of solid ground.

I locked my gaze on the terrifying surface searching for a hint of unevenness.

But the slithering blue had perfect harmony, no flaw, just salty water.

Suddenly, my heart clutched every drop of blood and spiked adrenaline through my veins.

Air refused to fill my lungs and I could taste the salt on my tongue.

I started for the door to leave this writhing piece of metal.

I felt like drowning.

I reached for the blinding light coming through the door.

I ducked my head outside and watched the shore move further and further away from.

The ocean grew bigger.

The boat had somehow been set loose.

My heart went numb, my ears rang, and my breathing stopped altogether for a moment.

I was lost, on my own, and soon-to-be merely a dot on the earth’s surface.

I screamed, shrieked, and whistled.

Used all the air I could manage into my lungs, but nothing….

I knew it was now or never, I was moving toward nothingness, pushed haphazardly into shallowness.

Shipped away, with nothing to bring me back.

I called for my mother, I shouted her name with a shrill desperation.

But all I heard was silence, pitch silence.

With a jolt, I woke up.

Have you ever had curiously odd dreams?

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  1. Yes I’ve had. Weird one’s really. They make you think if it’s the future or the past or is there a parallel universe! Or maybe it’s just nonsense. But it surely makes us think. Nicely written! ?

    1. It indeed does. I think this particular dream of mine is stemmed from the fact that I’m terrified of water and drowning. But some dreams don’t make sense, at all. Thanks for stopping by x

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