A love for words

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

― Ernest Hemingway

Happy love day


Today, I wanted to share my love for words with you

Yes, I’m not kidding, I love words

To be more precise, I love arranging and reordering words

Sometimes in unconstructed sequences

Other times in strings of subsequent lines


But you see, to me, they are not merely words

To me they have life, they inhibit a part of me, a very tangible one

The power of words never ceases to astound me

I don’t believe that words don’t speak louder than actions

Words not only speak, but trigger images, transform, and communicate


When the clenching claw of despair gets a hold me

I have no actions to ease the pain

I have only words

And I pour out the anger, happiness, laughs, heart-squeezing pain

Shape them into an arrangement of letters


These words that I love

They lift the pressing weight off my chest

Take me to another word

Let me invite you to that world

And everything is lighter


So there you have it

My love for words

And my passion for writing

What do you love? Any suspicions?

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