An accepted challenge: Sick Day continued

I don’t(can’t) write fiction, but I love a challenge.

So when Denny from The Ceaseless Reader Writes challenged me to write a sequel to his flash fiction, I said ‘intriguing”. You can read the prequel over here. It’s called Sick Day.

Now, I am not as good of a writer as him, I definitely know way fewer words, and I have written fiction only once, failing miserably. But here goes my attempt at a flash fiction sequel. I had to admit, it was fun, maybe I will restart writing fiction!

Screen shot from the Denny’s original post. Please visit his website for the full post.

Sick Day continued


You’re safe in the tunnel. I tried to induce sobriety in my body.

Every inch of me was trembling with horror.

You’re dreaming.

I became muddled. Air failed to fill my lungs. Bright dots danced on the dusty windshield, and a sudden darkness swallowed everything.

I woke up, slowly opening my heavy eyelids. Realization struck my groggy mind and my eyes shot wide open. Phew, it was a dream, after all. I melted back into the sleepy daze.

I was slipping back into the bliss when everything began to quiver and quake. A roaring bang split my ears, I scoured for the source.

Stinging darts of panic stabbed my body. This wasn’t my room. This wasn’t even a room.

I was confined to six walls of metal bars. The elephantine arm was shaking the cage. Attached to it was a colossal man, gesturing towards a metal box in the corner.

I was no longer disengaged. Muscle memory wouldn’t help me now, my muscles had no memory of this.

Perturbed by adrenaline, I walked towards the metal box and entered the tunnel-shaped door.

There he was, my boss, knife in hand, gawking at me with wrathful eyes.

He charged at me.

UPDATE: For part 3 read Viola’s brilliant sequel.

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  1. Oh, Em. This is FANTASTIC!!! You do yourself a disservice claiming you can’t write fiction. Not only does your sequel flow logically and seamlessly from my original, you picked up beautifully on my style with alliteration and long sentences. I love these phrases: “Bright dots danced on the dusty windshield, and a sudden darkness swallowed everything”; “Stinging darts of panic stabbed my body”; “I was slipping back to the bliss when everything began to quiver and quake. A roaring bang split my ears, I scoured for the source”! And “elephantine”, that very word occurred to me when I was thinking of the scale of the arm.

    You NAILED it! Thank you so much for accepting the challenge. My friend Viola Bleu has already posted a part 3, so check her blog out. And at least one other friend has agreed to post a sequel too, so keep checking back.

    You made my week!

    Love & hugs,


    1. Thank you Denny, this means so much coming from you. You are a fantastic writer, at first I thought you might be an English Literature Professor!

      Thank you for this challenge, I have been shaking with energy all day. I am happy that this didn’t disappoint.


      P.S. loved part 3!

      1. I long entertained hopes of being a high school English teacher then changed my mind and wanted to be a college English professor. 2 years of grad school and 2 semesters as an adjunct English professor conspired with age and a desperate need to find more lucrative work, finally forcing me to get a different job entirely. But the urge to write won’t leave me alone. Thanks again, Em, you really rock!

        1. I understand, I have an MA in English Lit and I just couldn’t see myself teaching so now I work in communications and public relations!

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