Beautiful stones

“Is a mountain only a huge stone? Is a planet an enormous mountain?”

Stanisław Lem, Solaris

A solid mass

Perfected by the tides


Infused with salt

And a solar-gold blush


Or paled

To a translucent gem


Perching on the sandy cushion

The stone beholds the waves


High and low

Lives come and go


The stone remains

Proud and patient


Every ticking second

Elevating its composure


A solitaire army

Bonding the land and water


Dwelling the worlds

Of men and mermaids


Unimaginably profound

Are stones more beautiful than humans?


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  1. For some reason, I feel compelled to comment on your writing. I think it’s like an “inspired” thing… I’m challenged by your art. You can always just delete me if I get annoying, right? I don’t know if stones are MORE beautiful than humans…but they are beautiful, especially in your shot.

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