This photo of me was taken by a very talented friend of mine. 

“I would rather be a little nobody, then to be a evil somebody.”

― Abraham Lincoln


I was seven

Maybe eight


I was a girl

He was a boy


He lived on our block

I didn’t know his name


I rode a bicycle

He did too


He would stare angrily

I didn’t know why


I had friends

He wasn’t one


His eyes would burn with fury

My heart would fall into my stomach


I had a gold bracelet

My mom let me choose it


I chose my bicycle too

That my dad saved to buy


He kept shooting spiteful glances

I kept remaining in my safe circle of friends


One sunny afternoon, flying freely on my bike

He flew fast and hard into my side


I crashed into a cement wall beside me

He pinned me to the wall with his front wheel


My world became still

Panicked and terrified, I stared


Don’t tell anyone

Or I will say we had sex, he said


I didn’t know what sex was

But I sensed a threat


He backed up

Rode into my side one more time


He disappeared

Scratches on my arm throbbed


My bracelet was broken

My bicycle was broken


I ran back home

Eyes full of tears


What happened, my mom asked

I fell, I lied


It’s okay, she said

It’s not okay, I thought


I didn’t ride for a long time

I didn’t sleep well for longer


He was the first to stifle me

But he wasn’t the last one

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  1. I believe this is a true story – so sorry it happened. Stand up for yourself, the bullies will run.

    1. Yes, sadly this did happen. But as horrible as it was, it made me stronger. Thanks Moira.

  2. I hope that asshole got what he deserved eventually.

    1. I didn’t know him, so I don’t really know who he became. But I hope that was his first and last time and he didn’t hurt anyone else.

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