Do you have a happy place?

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”
Ernest Hemingway, The Garden of Eden


invisible, i sit

my hopes piled on the couch

and i fall into the abyss

of my dreams


people become silhouettes

and aspirations




“go to your happy place”


what is this magical place that we are supposed to exile our conscious mind and escape the pain.

how is one to manifest such happiness in the confines of the sad imagination and empty memories.


what makes it happy?


is it happiness

or almost denial?


do you have a happy place?


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  1. I think denial is probably part of it. There is so much sadness going on in the world, to preserve our sanity we have to put it to one side. A happy place is somewhere where you can do that, and just be,
    My happy place is my little conservatory, looking out onto my garden and watching my hens run around.
    And also The Isle of Wight is one of my happy places, I have so many happy memories of going there and going back there is like a big cuddly blanket.

    1. Oo, I love this comment.

    2. That’s lovely. Your happy places sound lovely in the way that they seem to make you feel. Thanks for sharing them.

      1. You’re welcome 🙂

  2. My happy place is anywhere that other people aren’t! Makes me sound anti-social, but I like my own space and peace and calm.
    (and I can also pretend that none of the rubbish in life is happening! – there’s the denial) 🙂

    1. I agree , I have found that taking time by yourself is very calming and peaceful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. My garden. The susuration of the breeze blocks out the urban cacaphony, the flowers nod happily and I feel totally at peace with myself and the world around me. Sadness is a fact of life but we cannot let it win. Each one of us must carve out a place either from our surroundings or from our hearts and make it happy in the way we want.

    1. So jealous of your garden, it sounds so lovely. I wish to live in a house and have a backyard/garden someday. Thanks for sharing.

    1. That’s definitely on top of the list, thanks you for stopping by.

  4. My happy place is a blank page in a notebook. Snow-covered woodlands are always nice too.

    1. So many possibilities lie in a blank page. Thanks for sharing.

  5. My happy place is anywhere in nature where there are trees, water, and extremely scarce sightings of people. Just the water lapping at the edges, and no sounds of screeching cars and rude mouths. Maybe that’s part denial because I am just overwhelmed with everyone’s drama.

    1. I agree with you, I am lucky to live on the west-coast and there are forest trails, rivers, beaches in walking distance. Nature does the best job when it comes to peace. I should take advantage of it! Thanks for sharing x

  6. Hey Em,

    I have tagged you today for the 321 Quote Me game – with today’s topic being ‘Creative Writing’.



    1. Thanks so much for tagging me and you know that I love quotes!

      1. Always a pleasure Em 🙂

  7. My happy place is with nature too especially in the mountains and near a calm ocean with clear water and coconuts nearby. Why coconuts? I love them! It’s enough to sustain and nourish me 😉.

    1. Oooooh that sounds wonderful.

      1. Yes! 😉

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