Extravagant new year

“To go wrong in one’s own way is better than to go right in someone else’s.”

― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment


I recently stumbled upon one of John Green’s (one of my favourite people) videos in which he shared an open end of the year/new year letter to his future self.

You know where this is going, right?

John’s letter about leaving somethings in 2017 and taking others to 2018, inspired me to write a letter of my own.

Now, I don’t usually make resolutions, bully myself when I don’t follow them, and then ultimately end up feeling worse. What I usually do is make lists (surprise, surprise, I like lists), lists of things that I’d like to do/accomplish. The reason is that I often forget the things that I wanted to do. Maybe I won’t check everything off the list, or change my mind. But that’s okay, I am an ever-changing organism in a world of ever-changing circumstances.


Dear future me,

What a year! It went by so fast, let’s look back at what happened:

  • You finished graduate school (FINALLY)
  • Despite being unemployed for six months, you survived somehow
  • Volunteered for the UN
  • Moved to a big scary city and got your first apartment
  • Got a “grown-up” job
  • Didn’t cancel your gym membership
  • Saw Metallica live
  • Read about 8 books
  • Started painting again
  • Started a blog! (FINALLY)


So, in the new year:

You didn’t go to your graduation ceremony! How about you leave all the self-destructive habits in 2017 and start celebrating accomplishments.

  • Started learning a few things but didn’t follow through, so leave the tardiness in 2017 and pick up French and playing guitar where you left off.
  • Ran on and off during the summer, almost reaching 5K, let’s make it to that big five in 2018.
  • There were times that your OCD has stifled you, take measures to be a better you, it’s okay to get help.
  • Take the books with you to 2018, read more, there’s so much yet to be learned.
  • Don’t let the post-traumatic feeling get the best of you, learn self-defence and leave getting mugged behind.
  • Take your dancing from 2015 to 2018, be happy.
  • Take writing and blogging into 2018, more dedicated than ever, don’t give up on me!
  • You did it, you went to the gym every day for 6 months, take this to the new year, changes in your body will follow.
  • Go on on outdoor adventures, hike, kayak, watch surfers on the beach while terrified of diving into the water yourself ( I am afraid of water, ocean, sea, you name it. And I don’t know why!).
  • And finally, travel as much as you can afford. This is your main purpose in life; to travel and learn more. Don’t forget it.


There it is! I might have forgotten some things, but that is all my brain can produce today! What are your extravagant goals for the new year?

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  1. Massive amount of achievements, well done! Sorry about your mugging, you never forget but forgiving helps one move on. Such incidents shape but don’t define us, learning self defence sounds wise 🙂

    1. Thanks, and you are so right. That experience is definitely a part of what made me, and I’m trying to make the irrational part of me understand that too.

    1. I volunteered online through the UN website, mostly editing, writing, some English teaching over Skype. It was great, everyone was friendly and I learned so much from them. I think I will try to do more in the new year.

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