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goodbye my friend

Here is an unsent goodbye letter, that I wrote to a friend.

My beautiful friend is okay and doing awesome. I wish she could stay close to me forever, but life happened differently to us and we drifted to opposite corners of the world. I found myself blocked because I wanted to cling to our friendship tightly. I got anxious and sad. At last, I have to accept that she is treading on her path and instead of waiting for her to come back, I should continue down my own path.

Dear (..),


Hi, it’s me. Oh how much we laughed and hugged years ago. How sunlight was shining on our blooming friendship and our smiles danced like sunflowers. I will forever remember the luscious feeling of being your confidant. We shared our hearts when they were squeezed, feeling out of place. I learned from you, how to open to positivity, to find humour in everything, to share myself with the world, and not apologize.

Then our minds, solving the puzzle that is this life, wandered into various nooks. You are there, I am here. And we are not we anymore. I will cherish, in the dearest corner of my mind, your light, your smile, your warm presence, your kind eyes, and your beautiful soul.

But now, I need to put your memory in the chest of my most treasured tokens from the past and follow the rays of my heart.

Maybe one day, unsuspectingly, you will glide back into my happy life, and I will receive you with the most joyous squeal. Although my friend, I will not grab on this hope, but rather let the wind take it where it might.

“The only real battle in life is between hanging on and letting go.” ― Shannon L. Alder



Your friend

How do you say goodbye to friendships?

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  1. I usually just say “See you later!” Doesn’t matter if that ‘later’ might be 5 years down the road, I always hold out hope that no goodbye to a friend is forever.

    1. Em says:

      That’s a great approach, I get hung up on loss….

  2. Saying goodbye is such an act of finality that I don’t do it. Even my agnostic self believes that friendships endure beyond even the current existence. So I say nothing in the belief that there will be another encounter; hopefully, the temporarily absent friend will feel the same.

    1. Em says:

      That’s true, hopefully, it is always temporary!

  3. Beautifully written, Em! 🙂

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