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i am going cap-less

“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.”
Allen Saunders

you might have noticed that i am going cap-less. perhaps to be cool?


nah, too late for that! i am experimenting with letting go.


letting go of strict structures, of rigidness that keeps my heart closed, of what i always have known.


maybe i am romanticizing this too much. i am aware that the capital letters, much like any other language constructs, have a purpose. and i have in mind that they serve to prevent our gradual descent into non-cohesive communication.




i want to play with the rules and observe how it stifles or feeds my creativity.


i am a planner.


but not a plan follower.


i have always fantasized and glorified being organized, tidy, the one sticking to the rules.


with conflicting forces of self-imposed discipline and tendency to fail promptly.


“maybe if i purchase a shiny new planner, i’ll be motivated”.


but the sudden organizational urge inevitably dwindled, leaving half-smudged notebooks as casualty.


recently, i have been wondering, is the constant pressure to follow plans/rules restricting instead of productive?


what about the famous and haunting “5 year plan”?


i am beginning to conclude that too much planning strangles the excitement.


the thrill of finding out what the universe has to throw at me, drowned in the obsession to reach an inflexible goal, and the tremendous horror in failing to execute the “plan”.


perhaps it’s more effective to prepare myself and strengthen the bones of my structure, rather than drawing out the “plan”. at least that way my mind is flexible and my heart is ready for the fight.

what do you think? are you a planner? or you go with the flow?


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  1. Go with the flow.
    Not for lack of trying to plan. It helps and I totally get why some people do it. But I find I do so much better when I just go free and wild and let hit whatever hits me. Just go with it.
    When I plan its restricting.

    1. agreed, i have forced my self many times to plan and be organized, it only gives me unnecessary anxiety…

  2. I used to be a crazy obsessive over planning, it’s much more relaxing to just ‘be’

    1. yes, exactly!

  3. Go with the flow. I leave the planning (and the worrying) to The Boss, ’cause she’s really good at both!

    1. haha ‘the boss’ ! love it!

      1. I’m a very lucky man!

  4. Go with the flow 🙂 I have backup plans for if things don’t work out, but generally I’ve found it much more liberating to take each day as it comes, and keep things flexible rather than stick to a rigid schedule.

    1. yes, i am finding out that’s the best way. i have tried very hard to restrict my desires to resist the flow, but that takes up too much energy!

      1. Totally agree! 🙂 It can be really frustrating if you make strict plans and then the universe creeps up and says ‘haha, NOOOPE’. I’m sure you’ll find the best way forward. Happy blogging! <3 x

  5. For work, I plan. For life….sometimes there are plans but I don’t hesitate to step around them if they get in the way. 😉

    1. true, flexibility in life just makes it so much more fun!

      1. It sure helps!

  6. I used to think ‘Always, always, go with the flow.’ But experience taught me you must find the balance that best suits you. Plans are vital to ensuring certain successes, but if you judge yourself against them they will tear you down.
    More importantly though, the deliberate ‘going cap-less’ pains me more than I can express. 😤

    1. oh gosh, whooops! can you elaborate why it pains you? i am genuinely curious!

      1. I don’t even know 😦

  7. That is a lovely thought.

    1. thank you x

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