Inherited life

“Life streamed through him in splendid flood, glad and rampant, until it seemed that it would burst him asunder in sheer ecstasy and pour forth generously over the world.”

-Jack London, The Call of the Wild


I inherited my eyes, my legs, my body

I inherited my brain

Where does me start and the ghost of the past end?

I am a product of circumstances and survival of cells

We are all offsprings of one mother; earthly nature

Inherited this giant ball of life

Created hollow rules

Greedy for pieces of soil, drew arbitrary lines

We are all lost

Floating in the darkness of the vast universe

Spinning around fire

Hold my hand and let the vain shackles go


In response to the one-word prompt: Inheritance


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  1. Wow! Just Wow! 🙂

    1. Thank you xx 🙂

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