Inside out

Darkness is just light turned inside out.”

There’s a building in London, I call it the inside-out building.

It looks like the insides of the building structure are on the outside, sitting bare. I find it foreign but creative, artistic, and original. I was told that this building used be a factory and when it was being renovated into a “modern” capitalist member of the street, they ran with its original design. When I look at this building, I see character, the character of older London, the industrial soul-sucking London. It’s as if history is looking back at you, inside-out.

Do you remember Russian reversal jokes? In America you watch television, in Russia the television watches you.

This building is reversed, when you watch it, a part of its previous life is watching you.

To rephrase John Green, sometimes you need to look at things reversed because it reveals truths that we might otherwise miss.

Sometimes we need to look at ourselves reversed as well; no skin, no barrier, no protector; just organs,veins, and bones. Those are the core of our functionality. So does it matter how we look beyond our insides? Or should we lay bare, inside-out?

The inside-out building is my favourite.

Do you like the design of this building?


UPDATE: This building is the Lloyds building, headquarters of the insurance company, Lloyds of London.

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  1. Intriguing. From your description, I can understand why you like it so much. Then to use what you saw as a reflection of our body structor and get to truth is not only creative, but smart. Love it.

  2. I love how you changed my perspective. This was such a beautiful thought-provoking and abstract piece of writing. The photos of the building are stunning inside and outside too! ?

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