Let's journal

Let’s journal, Day 4

Hi friends, happy Wednesday!

I have started a series of posts including journal prompts and/or meditation resources so we can stay cool and connected during this less-than-calm waters.

Feel free to join me. There is no pressure to write or share your thoughts, but they are of course welcomed.

If you want to bookmark a page to refresh and see new related posts, this is it: http://earthlybrain.com/category/journal/

Day 4 prompt: What’s the story of a time when I was brave?

This prompt is from Elizabeth Gilbert. She shared a story of a time she was brave to remind herself that she has shown courage before and during this time it’s going to be okay, she can be brave again.

Try this meditation if you doubt your bravery:

Let me know how it goes (if you want).

Much love,


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  1. I’m going to participate Em. This one sounds great. Will love participating in it.

    1. So grateful you want to participate, that’s great!

  2. Today’s prompt reminded me of a time me and my baby brother almost died, but somehow, miraculously, I saved us. I think, I will write a separate post about this story and retell it.

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