Let's journal

Let’s journal- Day 5

Hi dear friends, I hope you are well,

I have started a series of posts including journal prompts and/or meditation resources so we can stay cool and connected during this less-than-calm waters.

Feel free to join me. There is no pressure to write or share your thoughts, but they are of course welcomed.

If you want to bookmark a page to refresh and see new related posts, this is it: http://earthlybrain.com/category/journal/

Day 5 prompt: What do I want to declutter, in my mind or my environment?

Here is another lovely meditation from the one and only Yoga With Adriene:

Let me know how it goes (if you want).

Much love,


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  1. I want to forget my mostly ugly past and let go of anger and hate.

    1. It’s gonna be beautiful, anger and hate only hurt the person feeling them xx

  2. I have a lot of mental clutter, lots of to-do lists going around in my head.

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