“I can make another list because the choice is mine. A list of what to do. So I won’t be listless ever again.”

Johnny Rich, The Human Script

I stack my vague thoughts neatly

They come off the crazy ladder

Climb out of my skull


Fumbling irregular sentences

Bleed onto the paper

They lay powerless


Impotently they sit

No longer ruling my actions

Intruding my sanity no more


List-less, my thoughts whirl into a tornado

Clashing into my will

Sweeping up my lucidity


I tie them to the list

Throw them into the well of serenity

Silence engulfs my head


And I can think again

Anyone else like lists? What else do you do to cope with anxiety?


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  1. Nice! While inspiration is firing, try your hand at part 3 of our Darla Nyte spinoff! As for coping with anxiety: I am fortunate always to have been relatively anxiety-free. My wife worries enough for both of us. I do my best to allay her concerns or at least not brush them off.

    1. I will dip my toe soon, been bombarded with life at the moment, but I will try to get to it. I appreciate the encouragement Denny, thanks.

      So glad to hear that, the worst you can do to someone who is anxious is to brush off their concerns, no matter how minuscule .. .

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