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My bangs and who cares?

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt, This is My Story

Let’s talk about the dangling things that sometimes blur my vision, my bangs!


I have a cut it/grow it relationship with them. I have never been a fan of my face, ( who hasn’t said this before?) and as a result I was always self-conscious of my features.


I could never find a hairstyle that made me feel good about my face and skull shape. I did some drastic haircuts, from pixie cuts to shaving one side of my head – not my wisest years.


Then when I was about 18, I got the classic straight bangs. And this mop-like hair style made me feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful for the first time. It hid a lot of my face, so it felt like a sort of permanent security blanket on my head.


Then I went through periods when I would grow them out for various reasons:


“It makes your cheeks look even chubbier”

“You look like a pumpkin”

“It brings the focus to your nose”

“You can’t see you eyebrows”

“You look 15”

But who cares?


I am the one who has to walk around with this on perching on top of my body, and I don’t care it’s not a suitable haircut for my face shape or not.


I feel like me with this hair, I don’t have to squander time turning my strands of hair into odd shapes and then spend the rest of the hours worrying about how it is exhibiting.


I feel shielded from my own judgement, and can get out of the house with bed hair still treading on cloud nine.


To me, the inner satisfaction with my looks, is me being pretty, not outer validation.


What do you think? Do you agree? Is there anything you do which is not technically “flattering”, but still makes you feel confident?


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  1. I used to have my hair long. Almost waist length. Which I admit wasn’t a great look. But I did like having it around shoulder length. I got a lot of abuse for it, but I liked it so kept it. Along with a goatee, baggy jeans, oversize t-shirts beanie hats. Bollocks to the haters! 👊
    That said, I much prefer my shorter hair, light stubble, correctly sized t-shirts and slim fit jeans of today.

    1. I would have also mentioned that your bangs and face make for a badass duo, but that’s not the point. As long as you feel beautiful, you are beautiful. 👌

      1. Thanks!

    2. The long hair seems pretty awesome!

  2. Love it! You do you 🤗

    1. Yes, exactly x

  3. I have long plain hair, which isn’t the most flattering style for me, especially now that I’m older, but I don’t care. I also wear a lot of loose layers because I’m cold even in summer… also not flattering. Whatever! 🙂

    1. Yes, as long as you like it “whatever!”

  4. i like your confidence! go with whatever makes you happy.

    1. Thanks xx

  5. OK, it is a bit snarky but to be clear:
    “I have never been a fan of my face, ( who hasn’t said this before?)”
    I mean, I don’t even know you; why would I say this?

    As for what I do that is not flattering: I have some favorite clothes that make me feel confident. The clothes exist far beyond their fashion expiry date. I don’t care.

    1. haha not snarky at all. I meant who hasn’t said that to themselves before, but in a sarcastic way, as in why would anyone say that to themselves…if that makes any sense!

    1. Thanks for stopping by x

  6. Em, I just love your videos. Let’s no talk about hair. I started greying, a bit prematurely and refused to colour. If people don’t like it, its their problem not mine!
    By the way, I like your security blanket! 💕

    1. Thanks x I have had premature grey hair too, since I was about 17, but I don’t dye my hair, it’s just another colour, who cares!

      1. Exactly! You are welcome.

  7. I’ve never had bangs. I used to have hair on my head. Long hair. Hippie hair. And a beard and a mustache. Now I still have a beard and a mustache. But they are gray. And I no longer have hair on my head. What little remaining hair that grows there I shave off. And I still don’t have bangs.

    1. Oh, well I am yet to grow a beard, so I guess you win some, you lose some! haha

    1. Thanks x

  8. You do you! 🙂

    1. Yes, exactly!

  9. Your face looks fine, no need to hide it!

    My face is better though. Just saying.

    1. You should get bangs! haha

      1. But to do that I’d have to let my hair grow. And that isn’t happening – ever 😛

  10. I’ve always gone with a “well I think my hair looks nice” thing. 🙂 If not I’ll throw a hat on. lol

    1. Yes, hats are the best hack I’ve discovered. Plus I live on the west coast so I would blend in with the hip lifestyle here haha

      1. Hats are amazing like that 🙂

  11. Every time I mention that I try to make my hair curly with curling iron, everyone around me — who have different ethnic — says I look beautiful with my straight hair. Sometimes people say I want curly hair because I don’t have it. But whatever the reason is, I like to have curly hair on me! It makes me look like I have more hair haha. So I get you!

    1. Oh I get you, my mom has straight hair , I think she has gotten a perm every other year. haha she doesn’t feel like herself without curls.

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  13. I have been thinking about bangs. I have a heart-shaped face, so tapered hair generally works really well for me, and bags definitely would, but I haven’t had bangs since I was a teenager. I know I could probably rock them, but I haven’t taken the plunge yet.
    and seriously….you’re gorgeous!! You rock the bangs.
    But I get what you’re asking. With me, it tends to be clothing choices. Sometimes I’m just a bit louder than my conservative friends. It makes them nervous.
    But I love fun clothing choices.
    And it’s not about if they like it, right?
    It’s about if I do…and I’m having a blast! lol.

    1. Thanks x and yes I agree, wear whatever makes you feel beautiful and confident. As long as you’re having a blast, who cares! x
      And as for bangs, they are a big commitment, growing them out is a big big pain, so make sure it’s what you really want before cutting them. 🙂

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