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Notre Dame

“With each passing [and passage], there is a further wearing away of the layers or coverings that obscure our essential selves. And so, as we say “goodbye” again and again, we feel thinner, narrower, more naked, more transparent, more vulnerable in a palpable, holy way.”
-Elesa Commerse

the red licks

and licks

until it swallows whole


the history

the tired hands

the worn souls

poured into stones and wood


egos shatter

sadness creeps in


a moment

all it takes


a moment

to begin



Notre Dame


in the warmth of destruction

losing trees

we have lost

hundreds of years ago




has no



it perished so fast

we can perish so fast

our planet is perishing


so fast…

another breath of the past gone. how are you doing my friend, what have you been taking for granted?

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