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“In order to see birds it is necessary to become a part of the silence.”
― Robert Lynd

soaring over the dirt-covered city
fluttering wings in the carbon-dioxide-kissed air
pigeons integrated into our urban con(de)struction
became an extension of us


so interlaced that we turned blind to them, unless a child or a young-spirited adult, disturbs their peaceful coo.


is it the pigeons’ art of harmonizing with our overwhelmingly fast-altering state? that they have learned to live among us, without invasion?


or is it the spectrum of our invasion tolerance? will we go after pigeons similar to the horrific massacre we brought upon bunnies?


perhaps pigeons escape to the skies with this fear.


who is the pest, us or them?


maybe we are merely two species desperately grasping onto procreation in avoidance of extinction.


and sacrifice each other we shall if we must …

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    1. Thanks xx

  1. Yep, them NYC birdies seem to be fine with noise … And have learned how to outwit most of us who want to ban them from our homey-perches (AKA window sills and AC tops).

    1. Yea, I have seen many spikes on flat surfaces…

      1. Not all resort to spikes, but generally speaking these pigeons outsmart most of us … 😉

  2. And yet their name has been taken to mean a dupe or a person easily deceived. Ex. “How can you believe those lies given the presence of audio/video proof to the contrary. You are such a pigeon for believing obvious propaganda.”

    Given that, we might revisit the question of a National Bird that can be easily seen by Gaslight.

    1. Hah! Brillant! I didn’t think of that, interesting…

  3. This is an excellent poem about an oft-maligned species. It’s odd how we label pigeons as “pests,” when we are the far more toxic species.

    1. Ture, once I saw a pigeon walking on a crosswalk!

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