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pink, like your brain

i search the pinkness

no poem comes out


sit in a busy cafe

let the distractions seep into the poem


i sit in my distraction-less room

play a video

Coffee Shop Sounds


ghosts of the voices

pass through my walls


a chair moves


i look up

there is nothing


the white page still glares at me

i can’t fill it

not even with the presence i conjured

through the coffees stranger drank i don’t know when

How’s your quarantine going?

prompt from letsescapril, day 14

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  1. can i borrow
    coffee shop sounds
    netflix streams
    pink to grey
    clouds from day 11
    still matter
    without narrative schemes
    all i witness is brief
    coffee gets cold
    poems arrives
    think thank
    thinkful thankful
    think you thank you

  2. well… the indentations got lost in reply translation.

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