Rebel, I am not

β€˜She’s beautiful,’ he murmured.

‘She’s a metre across the hips, easily,’ said Julia.

‘That is her style of beauty,’ said Winston.”

― George Orwell, 1984

i fancy

being a rebel


to cool my temper

in the uncomfortable sweats

of strangers


to let my head

hang from reason

dangling with nonchalance


to chain my unease

navigate the unknown

with soothing apathy



my faculties

are shackled in worry


i wonder

about the broodings

of minds


i entertain

vain etiquettes

and unpleasant pleasantries


who is

the architecture

of this urbane cell



i fancy

being a rebel

are you a rebel?



14 Responses

  1. Far from it! I’d rather connect with people on positive and happy grounds than rebel against them. I am the type of person that welcomes stranges with a cup of tea, believes in second chances and looks for win-win-situations.
    I really like your poem. I am always impressed how one can get a feeling or an image across to the reader with such few, but strong words. Good job πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks so much for sharing. I love your outlook on life and situations. I guess being a rebel is not so glamorous after all!

  2. “soothing apathy”…. that’s not fair. I wanted to write that. πŸ™‚ do I have to say amazing writing on every post, or can we just infer, that by my commenting, I am saying it? Your call. Depending on the perspective of the observer, I might be a rebel. I don’t always say everything I’m thinking. I’m not sure if that puts me in or out of the rebel camp.

    1. I think that would make you a rebel in the realm of hasty utterances from unthoughtful individuals. And thank you so much πŸ™‚

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