“My feelings are too loud for words and too shy for the world.”
Dejan Stojanovic


I feel belittled

     when you shush me


so what


my emotions carry me away


excitement bubbles in my voice

     to tell you

what colour the world is


but the words dry in my mouth

     become as small as my voice


the hushed tale will never be told

     lost in a sea of embarrassment


my heart shrinks a little

     thoughts evaporate


     seeps into

my damp mind

How do you feel when someone shushes you for being “too loud/excited”?


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  1. The people who tend to shush often seem incapable of feeling such excitement themselves. So I just ignore them.

    1. I should strive todo the same and ignore the shushing!

  2. Great poem, Em! When I get shushed, I shrug it off unless the shusher is justified. Then I settle the hell down and thank them for setting me straight.

    1. Ahh, I admire your logical response to this Denny. I, on the other hand, am riddled with overreactive emotions.

  3. Love💕💕

    1. 💕

  4. I find that it helps to remember that most people who shush others have very frail egos.

    1. I does help to think that way, now got to work on internalizing it.

  5. I hate being shushed! Loved your poem! 💙

    1. Thank you a ton Patty 💕

  6. Depends upon whether I’m being shushed for being too loud or foe expressing myself.

    1. I am okay to be shushed when I am being too loud. But when I am in middle of excitedly telling a story, shushing me just puts a damper on my mood and I get discouraged to continue speaking.

  7. People who shush you when you’re truly excited about something don’t deserve to be around you.

    1. It is an odd habit, I never shush anyone, especially when they’re genuinely excited.

  8. Been there, it is embarrassing

    1. I definitely stifles the speaking 😀

  9. Beautiful poem..

    1. Thank you x

  10. Years ago, I lost my luggage and when airline found it, my family and I were jumping up and down and yelling with excitement and someone screamed “shut up.” 😂 not everyone can share in your joy.

    1. Oh no😂I call those type of people “grumpus”

  11. Well written 👍 love this one! 💙

    1. Thanks so much, glad you liked it 💙

  12. I need to print this poem and stick on the walls everywhere.
    I love it!

    1. AWWw thanks xx

      1. you’re welcome hun. xx

  13. I can definitely relate. When I get excited I become more chatty and talk loud. I disheartened when someone shushes.

    1. *I am disheartened when someone shushes.

    2. Same here, it’s really . Slap in the face when someone shushes me.

      1. So very true, Em.

  14. Oh God, I don’t understand why people rain on others parade over things they are excited about (unless it’s harmful). It’s just such a mean and bitter thing to do. Lovely poem! So relatable.

    1. Agreeeed! Thanks Sophia xxxxx

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