Silly Fantasies

“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding it.”
― Lloyd Alexander


I drift into an open-eyed swirl of delicious daydreams:


I cover the globe with my human feet

Foot prints on high mountains

Sandy toes in a hammock

Camera-ready for the great monuments that stand still in time


My days pass with my head making words

I write funny things and sad things

A work room with a balcony that smells like the ocean

Minds that like to read my creations


My thoughts are void of lists and worries

I can read for hours on the grass

Smell the cherry blossoms

Paint the dominant images in my head


Oh… that’s my bus stop

I snap out of my floating reverie

I have to clean my tiny studio

And make more to-do lists


What do you fantasize about ?

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        1. Canada ( the government) is liberal and secular. However, there are people practicing different religions, but we all get along great.

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