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Someone famous

“The square root of I is I.” 
– Vladimir Nabokov, Bend Sinister

I was walking down the familiar street, during the familiar hour, to the familiar coffee shop. I was treading on the clouds of my overly-optimistic daydreams. Aspiring to be that one particular young poet with the adoring following whom I found on the internet. 


Oh, wouldn’t it be cool?


Awaiting for my coffee, I glance over at a beautiful girl in oversized sweats and golden hair. To me, she is ordinarily sipping on coffee and displaying above-average prettiness. But to the baristas, she is exuding all the shine from all the stars, rendering them star-struck. They take multiple photos, featuring toothy smiles. 


The girl with the golden hair steps on my foot. She apologizes. “No worries”, I say and attempt to crawl out of the frame. Something about accidentally being eternally frozen in a stranger’s photo makes me uneasy. 


I ask the barista later, “Who was the girl you took pictures with, is she famous?”


“Yea, she is super famous!”, she tells me, quivering. “Do you have Instagram?”


It turns out, it was this young woman; Alexis Ren


Still not knowing who she is, I thank the barista and say, “It’s cool that you got to meet her!”


“Yes, I know, I can’t believe it, I am still shaking!”


Sometimes the universe makes me giggle by the way it slaps my ego with its humour. Even if I switched lives and had 13 million followers, I would still be a nobody to somebody. And my ego would still desire more and more.


So, who am I to myself (my soul)? For it’s the only “who” that seems to matter.


Don’t you think?

Have you ever met a famous person?


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  1. Lovely read, with a great message! 🙂

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it 🙂

  2. I’d absolutely hate to have people taking photos of me wherever I went, that’d be the most annoying thing in the world. I guess some people crave that sort of attention, though.

    Also, to answer your question, I was able to get a semi-private meeting with Jeff Corwin once; he actually gave me some pretty good career advice.

    1. Oh, whoa, that’s quite exciting!

      I do not like attention, that’s specifically why I hate my birthday! (cold sweats)

  3. I can’t deny that I and the people closest to me are the ones who matter most and always will be. In both my prior career in foodservice and my current one as a probation officer, I have met many famous people, none of whom acted, during the time I was around them, like they were any better than me or anyone else. I have yet to meet, however, anyone made famous by social media stardom; they may be an entirely different breed.

    1. Yes, indeed! Sometimes it’s funny to me how our worth has become numbers, even if the followers in social media are merely bots…

  4. She looks like a contestant on Love Island who’s name is Alex. Funnily enough, I met at a girl at an interview who’s name was Alex and she looked exactly like her, but it’s definitely not her, they just have the same name and a very similar face.

    I met quite a few celebs this year – Chris Martin, Eddie Redmayne, etc.

    1. whoa…the phenomena of being strat struck is one I still haven’t digested hihi

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