Tendency to be human

“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”

― Salvador Dalí


I have tendencies


I tend to be an adamant people-pleaser

My will is helpless when my heart wants to help


I tend to obsess

My brain takes a strand of thought and stretches it for miles

Inspecting every fibre with great inquisition


I tend to lack focus

The neurons of my brain boil, jump from cell to cell

Cause chaos in my skull

Everything passes in a blur of fleeting clouds


I tend to avoid confrontation

Swallow my thoughts

Build an army of unuttered words in my stomach

They twitch and jerk

I scold them, they chastise me


I am human

I tend to be imperfect

What  tendencies do you have?

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  1. I tend to argue – I take great pleasure in prodding the bear

    1. I think expressing your opinions and arguing is great. I admire people who don’t back away from a challenge.

  2. I tend to obsess and compare a lot. Sometimes it makes me want to be better, but oftentimes it’s very discouraging. I’m still trying to have more instances of the former!

    1. It’s tough to get the hang of it. I hope you do more encouraging comparisons as well. For me, it’s still a vicious circle.

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