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The eyes

Hello friends,

How are you? Really?

I have been detached from words and this space of mine for a while. It had been a ride. Riding the waves. And I am realizing life is like the surface of the ocean. Unending waves. There is no end to the shaky surface. Also, there is no end to joy and love. Everything is temporary, including feeling yucky. Including happiness. But not in a sad way. In a liberating way. I am starting to let go. To stop seeking. Be an observer of life. Instead of a ‘pusher’ of life.

I have been painting a lot of eyes recently. It dawned on me, I have surrounded myself with eyes gazing at me. Eyes of family, relatives, friends, teachers. I never listened to what they said about me. About what I can’t be. I did the opposite of what was expected. And I kept their eyes around me to feel good when they saw their mistake. But…resistance is another form of suppression. It’s not quite freedom. It’s not authentic.

So I am peeling the layers. The labels. The definitions. The adjectives.  Is anyone home?

What have you been doing/thinking/feeling?

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  1. Hi! Happy to see you back! Missed you!!!! Love your posts! 💙

    1. Thanks for reading, happy to be back 💙

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