The man on the tube

“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”

Ernest Hemingway

His froth made the lady burst into nervous laughter.


He was wearing a top hat and a long black jacket.


“You are a zombie”, he cried out, “I am not asking you out, I don’t want to date a zombie”.


The tube was engulfed in an awkward silence.


The man moved down a few seats.


People still played pretend, pretended that he didn’t exist.


“I just want to have a conversation,” he pleaded.


All gazes forward…


He thumbed his nose, turned his head from side to side and wiggled his fingers at everyone.


All gazes forward…


He moved down two more seats.


A young lady shook his hand, listened to his words, he smiled.


Her friends eyed him confused, then eyed her disapprovingly.


She beamed and nodded, his eyes lit up with a respectful glow.


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