The Qube (a video ramble)

I made another video ramble (perhaps my ego is slowly swelling). It’s about a building that I favour:

“Gratitude is one of the strongest pillars of a happy life.”
Edmond Mbiaka


The script of the video:


the Qube building + pillars of life


This is one of my favourite buildings in Vancouver. It is a “qube” that perches on a small pillar. It was built in 1969. It’s one of the most earthquake-resistant buildings in Vancouver.


I like this building because it fills my mind with awe. How can such stature stand so assuring and sturdy on so little?


There is an explanation for this building, but in my head, it’s beating the odds. When I stand under it, I fear that it might fall and crush the life out of me.


I picture it tilting and falling, but it still rises from the air and seemingly floats on its one pillar, impossibly erect.


I like this building also because it reminds me that we don’t necessarily need a vast and huge foundation as humans.  


Some people say you need a certain number of pillars in your life to be able to function, be whole, be peaceful, and be stable.


But this building demonstrates that it is quite literally possible to be strong and rise towards the sky with only one pillar, no matter how heavy your life is.


So maybe I don’t need a stone-strong foundation as a bare minimum to have a balanced existence.


Perhaps it doesn’t matter how much has been dug and ripped from underneath me in the past.


Perhaps it doesn’t matter how damaged I am, or how cracked, crooked, and broken are almost all of my other pillars.


I can still carry the weight of this life and not bend, hunch, or quake. With nothing, but only one pillar to depend on.   


What do you think? Do you like this building?


P.S. If you know the physics of this building, please share it with me because I am really curious.


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  1. Wonderful ! You sound so natural and thank you for the information about The Cube. It sure is an impressive building and how beautifully yoy havw cinveyed the lessons we can learn from it. Bravo!

    1. Don’t be fooled my friend, it took much editing to make me sound half articulative haha. Thank you for watching and commenting. I am very glad you liked it.

    1. haha I contemplated taking that part out, I think I’m gonna have nightmares of it becoming a meme. lol.
      Thanks for watching x

  2. Fantastic video and explanation of only needing one pillar to grow. I’m so glad I watched your video.

    It’s quite incredible that with just one pillar that it’s the most earthquake resistant building as well.

    1. Thank you so much for watching and giving me your opinion. I thought it is incredible that it’s so stable with such small foundation as well.

  3. Hi Em! I don’t mean to infantilize you, but you’re absolutely adorable; it’s wonderful to watch this video.

    Also, your talk about the one intention you need to be whole reminds me of a video I’ve watched. It features the late Joseph Campbell, a scholar who specialized in comparative mythology, as he talks about the importance of “following your bliss.” He mentions how there are three concepts from Sanskrit that lead to a fulfilled life, and how he latched onto one of them and it brought him the rest. Here’s the video:

  4. Great vlog (is that right?), you are so natural and enthusiastic. Loved the analogy too, I’ll be reblogging this! Have a great day 🙂 xx

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