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There is always someone better

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” 
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

There is always someone better.


And thank goodness for that. The world would be a colossally and unbearably boring abyss of darkness without the sprinkled stars. 


If my scribbles were the best writing there ever was, I’d sooner erase myself from the compulsory existence than subject the intelligence of beings to one source of mediocre voice. 


What would I do without books that shoot a tingling crawl down every strand of hair and tickle my soul? Where would I rest my brick-full head and ride the ambivalent wave of life?




Does failure contain copious amounts of non-sheddable fear then?


Yesterday, the new moon emerged from the black sky to shine on this planet and bring the chaos of livelihood back to the ocean. 


Today, I am wearing the rings that were sitting in the 10-year old wooden box, reminiscing about the past me. 


What is new? Can old become anew? 

Can we tilt our head to see the sun behind the shadow?

Remaining stagnant in the comforts of what suffocates me is not love. It’s not life. 

Living requires motion. And today, I plant an intention, to move. 

Even if there is someone better than me. 

Thank goodness for that.


What intention would you like to set? Maybe for today, maybe for the new year?


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  1. My intention for this winter season is to choose joy each day instead of focusing on Winter’s foibles.

    1. How lovely x

  2. A nice slow walk to discover being thankful that there are people to look up to. These questions feel like a guided walk into a pain zone that then leads up a stair case, and we can look from a distance at the things that can be so troubling. The alignment of the text floats as the thoughts and questions flow. It’s harmonious that way. I also appreciate the image you chose for this. Cyclical nature of the writing, and repetition in the image really speak to one another.

    1. Your comment has such great imagery, thanks Lea x

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