Unchained keys

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

The day had beaten me up

Chewed up every strip of energy


The helpless struggle to seize the evanescent moments

Line them up and lecture order


Oh how the universe pulls at my puppet strings

Dancing, spinning, crouching, lying

I am bound in shackles of uncertainty

Paralysed by the piercing desire of my heart to control


Ready to hang my brain, I headed home

Eager to lend my eyes to a colourful screen


I was three doors away from my private square

Then it happened, all so suddenly


The silver and gold keys, chained in shiny Vegas and Hawaii plaques

Slipped through my fingers and disappeared into the narrow dark shaft


I stood in the elevator, gaping

Open-mouthed my panicked eyes searched for the keys


But the shadow-sunk hole had swallowed them

The keys to my door, the key chains that held my travel dreams


I stood outside of my four walls

With no promise of reentering 


The malignant day evaporated

The memories of it seemed brighter somehow


It didn’t matter anymore

All that lingered, was the fancy to get into my home


After patience-inducing hours of impatient waiting

I was inside my sanctuary


I left my to-do list to stay unchecked

It can wait


All can wait

It’s my turn to pull the strings

Have you ever had one of these days, when everything seems to go wrong?

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  1. Good luck on getting your keys back! That is not a fun situation to be in, maybe the universe is hinting that some good luck is just around the corner

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