yoga tears

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.”
― C.G. Jung


on yet another workday,

on my dull lunch break,

standing in the mountain pose,

in middle of the crowded gym,

amongst the iron-pumping crowd,

tears escaped over my eyelids



the instructor had said,

“think of one thing that you love about yourself”


and i had nothing


i searched my brain

inspected under all the rugs

spotlighted the dark corners





how can this be?

the instructor was about to move on to the next pose

seconds stretched


one thing

one thing

one thing


alas, i had nothing!


when did i build a wall between me and myself

how did i forget ‘me’

when did ‘me’ leave my head

where did she go?


how does one’s affection warm many souls

but it’s own


can you run out of love?

can you think of one, or perhaps many many things, that you love about yourself?


21 Responses

  1. Too tough a question. This is why I like multiple choice questions. On the other hand, too many choices (16 republicans) are what gave us the swamp, orange as the new self-declared racial favorite, and other aberrations. Maybe love will show up on the ballot, as a wild card of course.

  2. Three or four years ago I likely would have been unable to think of a single thing. But since then I have found people who allowed me to love myself. Some through showing me love for certain traits, and others through displaying their own unlovable traits I do not share with them.
    So if you again find yourself struggling for something you love about yourself, remember that you are not Trump. Love that.

    1. haha great advice!!!

      i am very glad that you are surrounded by people who appreciate you and help you do the same! that’s priceless!

  3. I love that as I read this I recognized ‘it’, and was able to learn there were things about ‘me’ all along that I loved. I let that happen. I love that.

    I hope you take a little bit more time to find those answers. I know they are there. I do know that.

  4. I love your creativity. I love your bravery. I love your compassion. I love your fearless willingness to share yourself.

    I love many, many things about myself, but most of all I love my compassion, kindness, respectfulness. and self-awareness.

    Absolutely beautiful post, Em, I’ve been missing you and am glad to hear from you. I’m sorry you’re struggling right now. Keep your chin up and hang on. You will survive and one day thrive.

    1. as always, thanks so much for the words, they do really light up my day, so grateful!

      and also, i am so happy to hear the things you love about yourself, that’s awesome! really awesome…hoping to get there myself one day..

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