A plane crash and a shooting

Disclosure: this post is a bit morbid and disheartening because of a school shooting in Texas and a plane crash in Cuba.


Is another sad day


Lives lost

Perished in seconds











I googled

“How many people died today?”


98 thousand died

237 thousand born


There is hope

There is loss


Every life

Snatched from the dear grip



Gazing at the real time

Birth and death map


Blinking green

An smile stretches on my face

Blinking red

Sorrow pulls my spirits down


But I am just a hand

Typing behind a screen


I dream to reach

With my hand

And spare a precious life


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  1. Thank you

    1. Hoping that will see less of this, hoping every time…

  2. So sad!!!!! 🙁

    1. 🙁 Wishing for change

  3. So sad to hear what has happened. More angry now. Students and teachers should not have to fear for their lives, young people should have not to fear for their lives at school of all places. Imagine students across America just have to expect a shooting, that’s not natural at all. And then to hear Trump give his condolences, no you don’t care at all, all he cares about is if he’s safe, if he was actually worried, he would be stricter on gun control.

    1. Yes, it is just gut-wrenching. I remember going to school and it was my safe place I ca’t imagine what these young kids are going through. Hoping for change…

  4. Beautiful. Thoughtful. Thank You. Guided by your heart and your mind, your hand is not impotent.

    1. Thank You xx

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