And they will never know

“The past is a candle at great distance: too close to let you quit, too far to comfort you.”

Amy Bloom, Away

Do you ever joggle the idea that the generation after you will not even be aware of certain objects that trickle nostalgia down your spine?

I was born in the nineties (guilty of being old(er)), my entertainment were bikes, soccer balls, dolls, and spatulas. Then came a wave of technology which quickly swept away all the innocent complication-free gadgets.

I recall excitement filling me with seeping wonder when my mom got her first flip phone and I sent grey text messages to my cousin for the very first time.

Thrill electrocuted my brain when I got my first computer, operating windows 98, able to perform only Pinball and Solitaire.

Today, I sat down with my dusty memories, generated a list of things that won’t tickle the new generation’s bones (for those of you who are too young, I linked some visual aids):

Disposable cameras and polaroids are making appearances again, so who knows, maybe we will all share the memories in the future.

But a big part of my life will remain unknown and unfelt to millions of younger minds. I can’t say nostalgia burns a hole in my existence, but I do feel that the new generation is missing out. Missing out on the rush and indescribable emotions.

What would be on your list?


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  1. Playing sports in the neighborhood, bike riding, racing each other, Watching early morning cartoons, School was more fun, old school video games like the Gameboy color or the advance and many more. Born in 92 and I can name allot.

    1. Oh yes, I remember all of this so fondly. I was born on 91, so this all resinates and hits home x

      1. Indeed… Young kids these days don’t know how to have fun.

  2. I still have a VCR and still watch old video cassettes on it. I still have a few cassette tapes too, but I don’t have anything to play them on now. I do like to reminisce. 🙂

    1. That’s awesome, I distinctly remember the day we got our very first VCR! The thrill, the joy, oh how simple it was to get excited.

      1. Oh yes, me too, and I learnt how to use it before my parent did, and I was only 7 🙂

  3. I think about this a lot too! Even today I thought about how the children growing up have always had the internet. I actually liked that part of my childhood didn’t have the internet. We had to use our imaginations and find stuff to do, whether it be outside or in the house. We were more likely to do things like play tag outside, rollerskate, play with dolls or GI Joes… I remember how I would just LOVE getting my polly pockets. I asked for one for my birthday every year for about 9 years. Getting trinkets excited me, the small things. I miss riding my bicycle to my friend’s house and making a game up out of thin air. I had one neighbor east, one west, and one next door and my parents knew where to find me but hardly ever came knocking. They just assumed I was safe lol. Growing into my teens, I got really excited to get magazines in the mail. I actually just started subscribing to magazines again and the smell is just lovely. The smell of the printed pages mixed with the aroma of the sealed perfume pages is just a smell I just can’t get enough of! Thanks for the post! It really made me think about some good times and I really needed something to stop the negative noise in my mind at work!

    1. Oh yes, I have the same type of memories, used to go upstairs to our neighbours, take my dolls and me and my friend would make up games for hours. Your comment reminded me to subscribe for a favourite magazine of mine. So thank thank you and thanks for sharing your memories, they seem lovely x

  4. I think your list hits most of the big items…pagers and beepers perhaps? 🤔

    1. Oh yea, I never had one, but my dad had one for work.

  5. haha -you make me feel old – as do my kids. I was born in the mid 70s and the big things I remember include 8 track tapes and records (although those are coming back). I remember when Michael Jackson’s Thriller album came out – I loved the picture of him in the white suit with the baby tiger. I remember the day my father brought home our first microwave! And our first printer was huge – dot matrix. You had to tear the little strips off the side that had the holes that guided the paper through the printer. I took a typing class in high school on an actual typewriter. And the big thing for us was when the first Nintendo came out. My family could not afford it (I do remember we had an Atari at one point way back) so I had a family I would babysit for and I would challenge the kids to a game of Mario Brothers just so I could play. And the first time I used email was in college.

    1. Oh I am so jealous that you were born in the 70s , that’s my favourite era. I played with Atari too! Your memories seem so lovely, thanks for sharing.

  6. Omg… this is bringing back the best memories. What fun us 90’s kids had! And don’t forget yelling at people to get off the phone so you could get on the internet to had to your friends on MSN and download music from Limewire. I hate looking back… Daenerys was right, if you look back you can get lost.

    1. Chat to your friends*

    2. haha I forgot the yelling, yes! Also Msn and Yahoo messengers. Oh my…

  7. Love it, my lists might be ……..longer……..older. 🙂

    1. The more I think about this, the longer the list gets, I am just realizing how much of my rich childhood is repressed under the busy adult life.

  8. Nice writing. I wonder about this subject also. I’m guessing that today’s youngsters will have their own “they’ll never knows” to lament as the years accumulate in their lives. I think that part of my “they’ll never know” moments reveal a longing for simplicity….like life has somehow gotten more complex. I loved riding my bike to the record store and picking out an album to bring home. I would examine the cover art and read the lyrics as I listened to every song trying to find themes and “hidden” messages. Less channels on TV…no binge watching… simple. Your dial-up sound did send shivers down my spine…but not the good kind. Thanks

    1. Yes, I am sure the new generation are creating their on future nostalgic memories. I guess I am just miffed that there is always a gap of understanding between each generation. If only we could communicate feelings. Thanks for sharing your memories, they are very tempting to my 90s mind.

  9. Fotomats, fax machines, 45 RPM vinyl records, cassette tapes, 8-track tapes, typewriters, floppy disks, boomboxes, rabbit ears (TV antennas), Blockbusters, transistor radios, carbon copies, Prodigy. Give me time and I’ll think of a few more.

    1. Oh my gosh, awesome list, I didn’t forget a ton! Thanks for filling in, so many nostalgic waves hitting me right now.

  10. Children’s T.V that’s actually good would be on my list 😒
    And the dial-up modem tone ❤

    1. I still watch some of my childhood cartoons. Guilty!

    2. Grown ups TV would be even better!

  11. I’m kind of a geek, but encyclopedias lining the shelf. I loved doing writing projects in school, and they were always my favorite.

    1. Oh yes, I completely buried that under the online Wiki. I started buying hardcopy books, verses the online versions. I know i is bad for the environment, but it a divine feeling to hold a paperback book.

  12. Going to the video store and picking out a movie. At the video store in my neighborhood, they had a popcorn machine where customers could help themselves to a bag. The smell of it still takes me back to my childhood! The one thing I will not miss about it is when the movie you wanted was checked out. 🙁

    Being born in 1981, I didn’t have internet until my teens, and I can say without fear of contradiction that I do not miss dial up internet!!

    1. Oh Dial up internet was the absolute nightmare! But looking back with my adult goggles, I only remember the sweet feeling. Ah, I remember the disappointment of the movie being check out as well. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  13. Oh that list is far to long to enumerate. Suffice it to say that we were (way back in 1951) one of the first families in the neighbor hood to have a television set. BAM.

    1. Em says:

      Wow, that just blew my mind.

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  15. Love your post! Such great memories!!!!!! 💙

    1. Thank you 💙I’m glad it provoked happy memories for you 🙂

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