Beaten and cheated

“Love don’t make you bruise Nell.”

LeeAnn Whitaker, Never Another You

The following is a true story of a family, close to me, whom I won’t identify and respect their privacy. Although I wanted their story to be heard:

Chapter 1


She falls in love. Her parents unhappy, she says yes to the engagement.

Her man has meager means, can’t exchange them for a ring.

She buys the ring. They get married.


Chapter 2


She is a nurse. He is a teacher.

She pays the bills and makes the food.

He is greedy for his earnings, doesn’t share it with her.


Chapter 3


They have two daughters.

She pays the bills, makes the food, buys tiny dresses.

He only shares his palm prints on her face. On her head.

On her ear.


Chapter 4


The girls grow.

Hearing deserts her right ear.

She wants to leave.

With empty and hollow words, he begs her to stay.


Chapter 5


She retires, every penny spent.

He retires with an empire of his own.

Their 20-year-old daughter gets married.


Chapter 6


There is a knock on the door.

She opens it to another woman.

The strange woman is washed by a wave of wonder and surprise.

“Your husband said you have cancer, that you can’t walk or have sex”

“He is my lover”


Chapter 7


She is disgusted, her heart punctured by blows of betrayal.

It’s time for her to abandon all.

No savings, no house to her name, she is condemned to stay.


Chapter 8


Her daughter has two boys.

She engrosses herself in grandmother duties.

Her ear stinging every time a breeze brushes the world.


Chapter 9


Her daughter is a teacher.

Her husband has meager means.

He works at a shop her parents gave him.

They live in her parents’ house.


Chapter 10


Her daughter is crying.

Her husband is a drug abuser and cheats on her.

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“He beat me and threatened to kill our boys.”


Chapter 11


Her daughter is crumbling like burnt coal.

She still loves him. Can’t sign the divorce papers.

“You have a job, you have us, leave him”

But desperate, she crawls back to him.


Chapter 12


She still receives cruel punches and smacks.

Her daughter’s husband succumbs to alcoholism.

And her ear still fires daggers of pain to her skull.


But the story is still not over…


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  1. WOW!!!!! Loved this!!!!!! Hope it’s fiction. So disturbing!!!!! Life is a cycle and the cycle repeats itself, until someone makes it all STOP!!!!!! Love your writing so much!!!! 🙂

    1. I pains me to say that it’s not fiction. I witnessed most of it while they were going through them. I really hope their story ends in a better way, they all still live and have a chance to change things. Thanks as always for your lovely comment x

  2. Great use of compression to tell this sad tale. Unfortunately, this pattern of abuse permeates society to a far greater degree than most people realize. In my 14 years as a probation officer, I have heard this same story more times than I can count.

    1. Thanks Denny. Unfortunately it does. I don’t think this is a story about just one family, it applied to anyone, living anywhere, hope that we can be better and raise a better generation.

      1. I just finished listening to a good audiobook, _The Deepest Well: Healing the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Adversity_ by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris. She has started a campaign to bring these issues to the forefront of society & spark change in the medical community for how such things are treated.

        1. It sounds like a great book and an even greater cause. I will check it out, thanks Denny.

  3. Wow – very powerful. Brought tears to my eyes. Especially as you said it was based on a true situation. I will be praying for a happier ending for this family.

    1. Thank you for sending good thoughts. I have talked to them and tried to help out many times. But something pulls them back and gives them the illusion that they are weaker than their men.

  4. Heart breaking cycle. Have the prick arrested. Head straight to attorneys office. Take half if Empire. Show daughter how to reclaim life…Show her example of strength. *sigh* hugs prayers

    1. I have preached the same thing to them many many times. There are a lot of factors at play here, but I also think these women should stop pitying themselves and start acting. They are much stronger than they ever realize.

      1. I’m with you. At 22, I walked in attorneys office….eyes black, the whites blood red frim busted capillaries, my mouth busted open, his finger marks bruised into my arms and a baby on my hip. Best day ever. New life

        1. Wow, I admire and applaud your courage and strength. That’s very veryyyyyy brave.

  5. Heart breaking cycle. Have prick arrested, head straight to attorneys, get protective order and divorce, take half of his empire. Show daughter how to reclaim life, show her example of strength. *sigh* Hugs prayers

  6. Very sad tale. It’s remarkable what people will put up with in their lives. But then again, it IS their lives

    1. True, we can only help if someone asks for it.

  7. That’s the sad reality of life. We all have some stories to tell.

    1. Yes, exactly. Thanks for reading my stories x

      1. It’s my pleasure!

  8. This is amazing.
    It’s true that the cycle continues, I’ve seen it often begin and end with money. Many people do not leave due to financial concerns and/or don’t want it to hurt the children. But exposure to this is hurting the children and making them a part of the cycle. I’m glad that we are seeing a rise in initiatives to tackle this and I’m sure that we can be the generation that engineers that change.

    1. i agree with you 100%. The saddest part is that this lady’s mother went through the same thing! So it has been three generations, and some one needs to initiate change!

  9. Thank you sharing, the cycle of abuse is so difficult to break

    1. Thanks for reading this story x

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