Bike to work week

“The best way out is always through.”

Robert Frost

I bought a bike a couple of weeks ago


The sad sidewalk holding my impatient body

The line of heavy-eyed crowd

The flow of passengers filling the bus to the brim

The rolling machine swaying its insides back and forth


My impatience poured over the edge of patience

I seized my own two wheels


The steep road crept on my unsuspecting legs

Seeped in my lungs ferociously

Slowly and then all at once


Huffing and puffing

Beads of salty toxins dribbled down my neck

To my hunched back

Air deserted my lungs

And breathing failed to infuse them with oxygen


I was over the hump

A sharp hill behind me

The gravity pull before me

The coolness of the rapid air

Washed the exhaustion off of my face

And endorphins tickled my stomach


Another day passed

I pedaled

Half a moon later

I still pedaled

And each day

It was microscopically less

Likely that I was dying


But that’s life in sum

Relentless persistence

You keep pushing

Past the seconds

And on the next

It is only slightly easier

Have you ever embraced a challenge and felt stronger after?


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  1. Yeah, but it’s been so long that I hardly remember it… ;-P

    1. Em says:

      There are always new challenges around the corner, ready to blindside us 🙂

  2. Way to go, Em!!!!! 👍

    1. Em says:

      Thanks Patty <3

  3. Nice (again) … the conclusion resonates with me. That is life!!! Relentless Persistence = the steps are only slightly easier–but they are steps and it’s fun. (forgive me for binge-reading your blog. 🙂 You know… 20 views/ 1 visitor. ha. Your words/thoughts are powerful) I’m hoping your last question was rhetorical and not meant to be answered. Thanks

    1. Em says:

      Thank you. I am so grateful that you like my posts and read my posts, please binge away, it’s a pleasure for me. And yes, it only gets slightly easier and then there comes another hill!

  4. Hey Em,

    Hope this finds you well – something to tantalise both the reader and writer within you 🙂



    1. Oh wow, thank you so much, I am so grateful

      1. Absolute pleasure 🙂

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