Embarrassing stories #2

“Being wrong is part of what it is to be a person”

– Hank Green

I stumbled upon Hank’s video while binge-watching his channel. He talks about the permanent scar that mispronouncing the word “facade” carved into him.[watch the video, great content, great channel]


Consequently, I decided to unburden myself and gradually unchain an abundance of my embarrassing stories on this blog.


However, this one is more of a flinching confession:


I don’t know how to type.[internal shrieks]


Yes, I can press some keys and exude sequences of letters that give birth to words, and you can consume the meaning. However, I am incapable of performing a proper execution of typing, with each finger assigned to a specific key.


I have thrown myself into many fits and episodes of teaching my fingers how to coherently cooperate. But they have been molded into rebellion many years ago, change is hopeless.


After it dawned on me that my hand-finger coordination is being impossible, I got sucked into a vicious cycle of presuming myself a fraud, an imposter, and a sham.


Above all, I get frustrated because my brain (not stifled by any keyboard) generates streams of thoughts faster than I can solidify them on the screen- I am excruciatingly slow and inaccurate on my phone as well. So I carry a notebook around.


Nevertheless, I will continue to write. How can I not.


Writing manifests me in this words, it materializes me.


“I think, therefore I am” -René Descartes



Share with me (if you are comfortable) your embarrassing story, so we can all let go and embrace our quirks.



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  1. Oh man, I can’t imagine how frustrating it is to not be able to type as fast as you think! I was lucky enough to get stuck in a typing class when I was in elementary school, so I became a fast typer pretty early on, but I still get bogged down when I’m trying to keep up with my thoughts. That’s a good idea to keep a notepad with you, though! I got in the habit of doing that, cause my phone is terrible and old so it doesn’t respond as fast as it used to, and sometimes you just gotta write something down right then and there! Do you like full-sized notebooks or tiny ones? I love tiny notepads. The tinier the better!

    1. Tiny notepads are super cute, but I go for medium ones that still fit in my purse. My handwriting isn’t that great either haha, so I need a bigger writing surface.

  2. HAHAHA In thaat boat with you, sister! Heck, I’ve got the oars! Type like the wind with as single finger though!

    1. We should have a club for single finger typers haha

  3. pawprintsandmint says:

    I once had to chase after Bear as he was chasing a girl dog, when I caught up to bear I was wearing a barely there bikini and the other dog was owned by one of my fiances med school professors.. and then my fiancé proceeded to introduce me to said professor.. that felt kinda embarrassing and not the best way to introduce oneself lol

    1. ahhhhh No that’s not the ideal introduction, at least I hope it was an ice breaker.

  4. I fell down a flight of stairs after slipping on the top step when trying to catch the door for someone in college. I was wearing a short, bright resident dress. Landed legs up. Later got introduced by a lab partner to his good friend and frat brother who said, “You’re the girl who fell down the stairs!” Apparently he was the person I was trying to catch the door for but I was too embarrassed to remember what he looked like. ?

    1. **Red** dress! Agh – typing!!

      1. Oh gosh, this made me laugh, I’m sorry haha

        1. It was a long time ago – at least I have a funny story ?

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