Embarrassing stories

“Even when you are right, you’re a little bit wrong”
-Hank Green


I’ve been having bad and intense weeks recently. So my posts have been rather on the gloomy side. So to glide more into the bright side, here is one of my embarrassing stories:


It was the end of the day.

It was dark.

I was done with teaching my afternoon classes.

I was also very much done pulling the gaze of nonchalant teenagers from their phone screens to me.


My house was close, but my car was parked in the back alley.

Car: my mom’s retired four-wheel vehicle, handed down to me, ready for destruction.

My parents didn’t have much faith in the driving skills of an 18-year-old.

But I loved driving the three blocks back home.

Holding the wheel, and steering that beige beast in any direction that I wished, felt heavenly.


My coworker didn’t have a ride home.

“Of course I can give you a lift”, I said, chin up, heroine-ly.


I was swerving and pivoting the old metal box, navigating out of the narrow alley.

A screech made my brain shrink inside my head.

I was coming from the passenger side.

A sharp edge of a wall, encrusted in marble blocks, was scraping the door.

Who has marble walls anyway?


My coworker gasped and shot a concerned look at me, mixed with guilt and pity.

Pools of blood flooded my cheeks and fingers.

But I was the heroine, saving my coworker from a dreadful walk home.

So I swallowed my panic and shrugged my shoulders.

“It’s okay” I replied to the deafening silence.

“It didn’t seem that bad, probably not that much damage. Don’t worry about it”, I lied badly.

I have to probably replace the entire door, I brooded in silence.


I was so utterly embarrassed and insecure about my driving that told everyone I found the car that way in the alley.

“Someone must have hit it and run”, was my answer every time.


Phew! Now the truth is out there. Maybe releasing this story from the chest of untold tales will make it less embarrassing?

Do you have an embarrassing story that made your every cell cringe?

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  1. Awwww….and lol. Some days!

    1. Yes, it was one of those days lol

  2. Did this really happen to you? We all have days where we are a little off base. Don’t stress yourself out over it too much. A couple weeks ago I was visiting my friend on the west coast and she almost ran over a biker. It was scary/unexpected and not entirely her fault. Luckily, the biker was safe and so we were we. Accidents happen, you’re only human! ?

    1. Yes, unfortunately it happened.

      Oh gosh, I’m so glad you, your friend, and the biker are all okay. That’s very scary. But I agree, we are human and make mistakes.

  3. Beautiful ❤

    1. Thank you x

  4. ? love this! I would have definitely said the exact same excuse if it happened to me lol x

    1. Haha glad to know I’m not the only one x

  5. It happens.
    The day after I got my driving permit, my dad, brother, sister, and I drove from Michigan to Florida for a vacation with my grandparents. I had barely been on an expressway prior to my dad and I swapping seats so he could take a break. I drove for a few hours (which I’d also never done) around 78-80 mph. “We’ll get there a lot faster at 76 than 74 and no one’s going to pull you over unless you’re going faster than 80,” he said.

    So, I didn’t realize there’s a kind of shift that happens when you drive like that or how, eventually, it doesn’t seem like you’re going that fast anymore…

    We got off at an exit somewhere and I didn’t stop the car until I was a couple meters past the sign. Luckily, there wasn’t traffic coming at the time. Flustered and panicked, I made a turn as my dad started explaining relative velocity (or whatever, I could barely hear him over my “oh my God, I nearly killed all of us!”) and pointed at a gas station where we needed to fill up. I, again, didn’t slow down enough and barreled over the curb and INTO a flower garden before finally stopping the car.

    He didn’t ask me to drive for the rest of the trip there or home and it was probably a couple months before I got behind the wheel again.

    On a good note, we got a few extra days in Florida because I cracked the radiator and he had to replace.

    My younger brother and sister still think it’s hilarious. I’m still mortified – and don’t tell that to anyone without good reason.

    1. Oh my goodness, I’m sorry but this made laugh. Thanks for sharing. It’s very cute and hilarious. But I get why you would be mortified, at least now you have a great story!

      1. Yeah… maybe I’ll use it somewhere in fiction! ?

      2. Glad to make you laugh. I laughed writing it. (And cringed)

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