“Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.”

Mark Twain

It was a lovely summer day, and I was feeling lousy.


I headed to the beach, hoping that the sun would lighten the gloom.


The beach was glowing in golden rays.


But my mind boiled with unease. I sensed an imperceptible gaze.


Turning around, two bobbing heads appeared behind the rocks alongside a gazing camera.


Sick to my stomach, I put on all the clothing in my bag and moved my camp.


The five eyes followed me.


I moved again.


The uninvited eyes still trailed behind.


The sparkle of discomfort burst into a raging flame inside me.


I held their gaze in fury.


One of the young men came up to me.


“Do you mind if we film you? We are making…”


I spewed out red angry words, “You already did it without my consent, I came here to relax. No, you can’t, delete it, I want you to delete it…”


I sat down defeated and rage oozed out of my eyes.


Suddenly a wet warm mass appeared on my thighs. It was a German short-haired pointer, he wanted me to throw his ball.


I couldn’t muster up enough enthusiasm for it, but he just put his ball down and sat beside me, with his head in my lap.


The owner saw my wet face, called out to him, and threw another ball for fetching. But he didn’t move an inch.


He only kneeled beside me, my tantrum, , my salty face, and sad heart. He stared into the horizon and held the weight of the moment when it was too heavy for me. I gently caressed his head and whispered, “I’m okay, thank you, I’m okay”.


Do you have any stories of unconditional love from animals?


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  1. I had a cat named Atreyu. He was one of the most affectionate, loving, caring creatures I have ever met. He used to lay on my chest when I lay down anywhere and press his forehead into my chin.
    Atreyu didn’t like when people were sad or upset. If you were angry or crying he would come to you and put himself in your arms. Even if you were standing, he would take a leap and trust you to catch him. He would never put his claws out, he just trusted you wouldn’t let him fall.
    He was the greatest pet I’ve ever had, and I miss him dearly.
    He is Dean’s grandfather.

    1. Awwwww that is so cute, cats are amazing. Wishing that he is resting peacefully. I really want to adopt kittens, but our landlord is not on board.

      1. Neither is ours >:D but we have 2

        1. haha I wish I was as brave as you

          1. Bravery and stupidity are two lines that often cross XD

    1. 💗 💗

  2. paeansunplugged says:

    Awww. This is so nice Em, the umconditional love.

    1. Animals keep surprising me, especially dogs.

  3. right now my cat bathsheba is crying for attention! i adore her love for me even if a bit whiny at times. 🙂

    1. AWWW cats are the cutest!

  4. Love this… animals are so lovely and warm, especially dogs. 🤗 It’s like they can sense that you need comforting and comfort, they will. My faith doesn’t permit me to touch dogs but for some reason dogs either try to hug me or play with me. I really wish I could pet them.

    1. Em says:

      Oh yes, dogs just give and give. They can sense passion and empathy that’s probably why they keep tying to play with you. xx

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