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Hello to fall and all

Hello friends,


It has been a while. Calendar dates say four months, but my skewed perception of linear time says perhaps length is not the right measurement. It has been deep. The waves. Up and down. Today, I am writing to you through the fire smoke, breathing in the remains of what the flames have consumed. Coasting on the tides of the past year and looking at the first page of my bullet journal. The word “freedom” scribbled and painted with watercolours sits innocently. 


I had a birthday twenty days ago. This year, no birthday blues. Merely being thankful that I have been alive for twenty-nine years. 29 years! What a privilege!


I have missed my cozy corner of the internet. I have been writing poems and my notebooks are all dirty with ink. But those words haven’t made it to the pixels of the screen, yet. 


The autumn equinox is days away now, and I want to go back inside myself. Not that there is anywhere else to be. Ever. 


I don’t know if I should say this, maybe it’s a bit premature…


I have a book coming into the world… (hopefully!) It’s a story of my early years, in poems. This year, I decided it was time I let it go so it can be a thing of its own and I can write new words. I haven’t published any of it on any corner of the internet before. It will be all new(s), making me all vulnerable. I will share updates as it takes on more and more life…


So…your turn. How have you been this summer? (I’m not sure if summer is the right word. Might be a betrayal to summer.)

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  1. Good to see you here again and to hear about your book, I’ll look out for it, I know that feeling of anticipation and that edge exposure can give, my first book of poetry came out in May. All the best. Eric.

    1. Congratulations to you as well! I saw the link to your book on your website, it looks beautiful 🙂

  2. I wish you the best of luck and the happiest of writing with your book!

    1. Thank you, can’t wait to share the details here!

  3. Congratulations on the book! So excited and proud for you! I’m also overjoyed to see you back here again! Missed you!

    1. Thanks so much x I am happy to back as well, can’t wait to see your writings 🙂

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