Hey, I’ve missed you

“I live in my own little world. But it’s ok, they know me here.”

Lauren Myracle

Hi everyone, I am back from being a nomad traveler and I’ve missed you all.


I have never been the one with self-imposing discipline and I owe this blog to my full-time job that gets me out of bed every morning! I also currently don’t have a computer (don’t worry, I am getting one soon if you have any recommendations let me know), so writing on a phone made me want to regret being borne. But I am over the moon to be back home, start sharing my travels with you and also catch up on what you guys have been writing.


Before I get into my trip and the highlights, I wanted to share a different piece with you. I want to become a Travel Writer one day, that’s my dream job. Because I love writing and my sole purpose in life is to travel. However, despite the fact that I love writing, I love traveling, and I have been staring at the “Travel writer” on my vision board for a while, I have not had the means to go on big trips.


Then I realized, my traveling abilities might be limited but my writing isn’t. With this post, I aim to emphasize that adventure is all around us, even at a place that you have been numerous times before. You don’t have to go far to learn and be inspired. Revisiting a place might surprise you with an unexpected delight. Even if I can’t travel far to a wondrous place on this planet yet, seizing opportunities and defamiliarizing the familiar will give me a great new perspective.


Sorry about the long intro, here it goes:


The last thing I expected


I wasn’t expecting much from my weekend getaway to Victoria, BC.


I’ve lived there for many years and I’ve seen it all: the silent air of the beach punctuated by the sound of waves slithering into the sand; the scorched sunrays sinking into the blood-red horizon; the deer gracefully striding through the tall trees; the mossy woodland fresh with morning dew.


Now, I was back during the least exciting month of the year; January. I was strolling downtown and my mind was hazy with laziness. I kept taking aimless steps and the winding streets took me to the Fisherman’s Wharf.


It was a typical cloudy day. The sky an expanding white blanket and everything below it was coated in grey.


I stepped on the precarious grounds of the wharf. Figurative ground because the Fisherman’s Wharf is stretched on a small corner of the Pacific Ocean. Floating docks, boats, and homes were surfing the small ripples, wobbling ever so slightly.


The wharf is a lively sight during the warm summer days, there is never a dull moment. The smell of fish and chips wafting in the air while sun-soaked tourists line up for fried foods and ice cream. Seagulls scouting for unattended food while seals sink and resurface, teasing their audience.


But this day held no excitement. Everything was still. Yet everything was in constant motion.


There was a strange beauty to the abandoned wharf. The multicoloured homes were standing brighter against the grey day, luminescent, surrendered by a tranquil bliss.


I trod lightly on the narrow wooden alley. My heels clunked, interrupting the hush. There were no seagulls or seals jabbing the quiet atmosphere. Just the solid me, on an unbalanced structure, that was holding on to the salty fluid.


Yet, all was grounded and divine. As if the summer days corrupted the wharf’s innocent beauty. The abundance of life somehow took its liveliness. How can something so unstable, purposed to be used for only a short window of the year, transfer such firm assurance to someone?


I wondered; how many times have I revisited myself? Who is the raw me, stripped of materials, schedules, and the hectic race? Who am I on bad days, who am I on good days?


My prejudices assess me under the spotlight of social fabrications, but just like the Fisherman’s Wharf, there is a solid beauty buried in me that awaits to rise in solitude.

I also invite you to revisit places and also yourself, you might be surprised. Cherish the greatness of your accessible world.



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  1. Welcome home, Em! I hope you’re feeling better. I am still awaiting the return of Britchy’s part of the story. I hope to get it soon, after which I’ll pass it on to Rachel Ann.

    1. So excited! I wanted to also publicly thank you for taking charge of the project. I’m so grateful 🙂

      1. It’s been my pleasure! Thank you for partnering with me!

  2. I live in Nanaimo, and used to spend days in Victoria, a place steeped in such differences. I love the Empress and I love the Wharf as well as the oceanic breeze. Beautiful write up. Simply beautiful!

    1. I’m so jealous that you live in Nanaimo, all the islands in that area are so beautiful, I see myself moving back for sure. Thank you for commenting. Glad to know you are on the west coast and BC as well.

      1. It’s always a delight to meet a fellow “islander”. I love reading you. Awesome.

  3. Good to have you back, and I trust you’ve had a “bonne vacance” It sounds wonderful where you lived, the ever changing canvas of sea and sky coupled. Wish I lived by the sea!

    1. Once you live by water, you can’t live anywhere without it. Every time I travel I get homesick for the ocean.

  4. Fantastic! I love it! Chase that dream! Id definitely start by getting used to taking tons of pictures. All minevare taken with my phone…its always on me so…. if you arent confident with it, theres an app called gurushots. Its a photo challenge app but also teaches. Its awesome. Also for photo editing, I like snapseed. Also, once you sell a travel article, your travel becomes a business travel deduction. Lastly, you are so right! We overlook the treasires right around the corner. We forget that others havent been to where you are! Have you yhought about writing an article about your own area for your local newspaper? Get some bylines under your belt.

    1. So many great suggestions. I should definitely take some more serious steps if I want to make this happen. I like taking photos and usually do it on my phone so I will check out the apps. I haven’t tried any local publishing opportunities, thats smart, I will probably look for volunteering opportunities first and maybe make some connections. Thanks so much for helping me out with great ideas. xx

  5. Hey! Nice post. I can see the wharf standing right in front of me.
    Did you write the whole post on your phone? That must be such a pain, I’m having a hard time with just writing this short comment on the phone
    Have a good day!

    1. Thank you. Actually, I wrote this a few weeks ago for a travel writing competition, my submission didn’t get picked, but that means I can share it with all of you, so I am still happy.

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