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i am going through a torturously long process of immigration, my home and everything i have built feel up in the air. here is some of what i wrote about immigration, borders, and constructed divisions:


under the stone


chest, crushed

breath, choked


the air closes in

and draws my eyes

out of their soft sockets


i cannot breathe

i scream under the colossal weight


my voice is cracked

by a million rejections


my being wanders

the space between now

and never

between existing

and vanishing


translucent, i wait

for a tide to be lifted

by the blue moon

and wash away the stone


oh, i pray to the moon

for she will hear the creaks of my soul

and hold me in her silver embrace


all is silent



all is quiet


until the map of my heart

is all that is required

how is home where you are?


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  1. Ugh I can feel the pain in the poetry here. Great poem … sorry that you’re having to go through such an agonizing process.

    1. Thank you, I appreciate the empathy, this situation is still not resolved and it’s a lot of effort keeping my sanity together!

  2. Oh, that is a very good peom….more….more…

    1. thank you so much, glad you liked it

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