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inside a cloud

“Mist around a mountain: all reality is there.” 
― Marty Rubin

have you ever been inside a cloud?


among the excited drops

their exuberance in a dance

that kisses your face

and touches your finger tips


the trees summon the splattered water

conjure drops

raining on the leaves

on the black coat of a squirrel

crossing the street without looking


the mist covers the world

so you can meditate

among the wet air

and damp soil


look up to the tiny pine cones

among green needles

to the balls of water hanging on to the leaf-less branches

how can liquid turn into pearls?


i wonder,

can you desire something you already have?


it’s not so bad

to hide,

i muse


my eyes

see through the fog

only until the next step


to the mountains

i am faded


to the ocean

i don’t tread 

inside this cloud



tell me, have you ever been inside a cloud?


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  1. Beautiful imagery! My 6 year old was sitting with me and I read your poem out loud to her. She enjoyed it too. I love how you say the “liquid turn into pearls.”

    1. awww i’m very honoured you shared my poem with her x

      1. Our pleasure! I like reading poetry to her and to see her thinking as she listens to the words.

  2. Beautiful image and poem. Very thought provoking for me as one more often than not inspired by nature.

    Have you ever been inside a cloud?
    Adrift over land, over sea, over my own shadow
    Cast down from the sun, too close flown.

    Thanks for stopping by the Go Dog Go Cafe today!


    1. Thank you for sharing beautiful words Stephen

      1. 🤓🙏🤓

  3. Great imagery!!!! Beautiful! 💙

    1. Thank you, Patty x

  4. Wonderful vivid individual images that sweep the reader into the scene – great read!

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