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Joker, the movie (no spoilers)

Photo cred: Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker WARNER BROS.

“You don’t listen, do you?”
-Arthur Fleck, Joker

Don’t worry, no spoilers! And this is only my point of view, there are a million more.

Occasionally when I drag my jaded eyes to a theatre and I am moved by a movie, I wrote some of my ramblings. Joker is one of them.


To understand the context of my delusional opinions, you should know that I never read the comic books nor did I diligently watched any of the Batman series (Oh, fans please forgive me). Also, I take the characters and demographics in the movie metaphorically, not just literally.


I greatly enjoyed, and by enjoyed I mean felt a plethora of emotions (albeit chilling), sitting in front of the story of Joker unfolding. 




Not to condone anything the character did or has done in the other series. Absolutely not! But to merely understand what happens to a human before he becomes the Joker. The people Joker hurt didn’t deserve it, however, what brought him to think that they did? And we can see it everywhere; in the gang formings, the shootings, the addictions, etc. 


So the question arises, can we begin to help each other by tapping into empathy? 


Lisa Ling, the host of the documentary This Is Life, mentioned in an interview, and I am paraphrasing, people are afraid to feel. It could be lost empathy or over-empathizing which results in fatigue and apathy. 


But how can we seek a solution and prevention without knowing the root cause? When we don’t listen? When we vilify a certain group of people?


When we walk by a homeless person and they blend into the sidewalk, become an unwanted object. Did they lose their core worth by losing their home? 


So I don’t agree that Joker, the movie, is ‘dangerous’ (it is just as ‘dangerous’ as Paradise Lost by John Milton). Because I think we can all see glimpses of Joker in ourselves by getting an insight into his fictional life. We also have infinite love inside all of us. 


Which one will we let flow through us?


How did you like Joker, either the character or the movie?


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  1. I love how you shared your emotions! Love your questions about empathy and humanity.

    1. I’m very glad you liked it 🙂

  2. I will be taking Mrs T next week, really looking forward to it Joaquim Phoenix is a brilliant method actor with an easily incorrectly spelled name. Rock on.

    1. Yes, indeed!

  3. Beautifully said. Did they lose their core worth when they lost their home? That has me thinking. Is our worth tied to assets? Or do we merely believe that we don’t have the power to truly help them all, so we cannot summon the energy and belief to help at least one? Food for thought.

  4. I’m commenting, so I can read again and think and learn…and… comment again?

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