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Joy (?)

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” 
― Nicolas Chamfort

Today, I dipped the virtual pen in ink to write. I began a few poems and stopped mid stanza.

All that flow through me were dark images hidden in the lines, crawling into my consciousness no matter how hard I attempted to dislodge them.

Sometimes, I think sparing you the shadow corners of my mind.

Just don’t send me poems about suicide, a friend asked me once.

I was baffled.

Does any deep-cutting sadness equal suicide? Or does he not want to face death, or is it just voluntary death?

I was fascinated by the fauna at the military camp, the same friend told me.

Battle baffle. Either force of our nature, or don’t tell me about it. It’s unnatural.

Some feelings are better than other feelings.

I choose joy. But dear friend, joy doesn’t always choose me.

Dear head, would you be happy and stay there?

Either feeling. I appreciate whatever gushes out of you. Sensation is a gift.

What am I to do but lie on this river and float away with it.

I won’t tell anyone about it. 

What emotions are you feeling the most today?


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  1. This is what I tell everyone who makes comment such as yours whereby someone asks you not to create the way you do. I cannot control the voice that wants to come out. Whether happy or sad. Write what you want and your audience will find you. I love your work. 🙂

    1. couldn’t agree more!

  2. I agree that your audience will find you. I enjoyed the delicate image of you floating away on a river of emotions. I wonder what the riverbanks would be in this scenario.. 🙂 My emotion of the day today has been eagerness. Plugging away at a project, the sensation is that I cannot get to the end fast enough.. and of course it’s the journey that will be enjoyed so much as well; so I don’t even want to rush it too much. I’m eager for my slow wander into the unknown.

    1. Thanks as always for sharing your thoughts Lea, I am very excited about your project too!

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