Let's journal

Let’s journal- Day 0

Hello everyone,

I am starting a series of posts including journal prompts and/or meditation resources so we can stay cool and connected during this less-than-calm waters.

Feel free to join me. There is no pressure to write or share your thoughts, but they are of course welcomed.

If you want to bookmark a page to refresh and see new related posts, this is it: http://earthlybrain.com/category/journal/

Day 0 prompt: One word to describe today is …

Let your mind flow from your fingertips onto the paper. Wander on the page and I hope you find some peace.

This prompt is from Yoga With Adriene’s Write series for their website members.

Let me know how it goes (if you want).


Much love,


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  1. My journaling was interesting today. I discovered that my surroundings need some attention from me. Things at home feel a bit heavy because I have put off decluttering. And now I am here most of the time and I feel the weight!

    Also, I saw this video came out yesterday, so if you want to hear about Craig’s (one of my fave YouTubers) journaling experiment and experience watch it here:


    1. I do not like clutter…physically, mentally, or spiritually…it does begin to fell heavy. I hope you do this prompting again. Thanks. ed

      1. Yes, I guess I was always running away from the clutter, but there is no running now!

        I just put up day 1 and will try to post frequently.

        em x

  2. My word for the day is Peace. During my “journal” time…it’s really “jotting” but “journaling” sounds better…anyway, I pondered how extensive my thinking has become versus pursuing intensive thought. I’ve been reading a book called The Gutenberg Elegies which talks about reading in the modern age. A line in the book spoke to thinking and reading in a world full of material that tempts me to fear or rejoice at any given moment. As I read, it occurred to me that I have an abundance of facts in my mind that are spread out over a large, shallow area–like short snippets of news reports or concentrated blasts of meme-theology. My longing is to explore the deeper parts of my existence…to challenge the fracture narratives I so readily pursue. I wonder if I have to try and narrow the focus of my heart’s intake…not to the point of ignorance, but maybe filtering all the material that crosses my path through a lens adjusted to let fewer distraction adhere to my psyche. I’m inclined to think that peace lies in intensive thought versus extensive thought. Just jottin’

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Ed, sounds like you had an amazing journaling/jotting session. I will make a note of the book and add to my list too. “intensive thought versus extensive”, yes, I love this!

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