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“There is a moon inside every human being. Learn to be companions with it.”
― Rumi

you sit


in the sky



you come

you leave

you stir 


you appear like a dream

passing through the misty yearnings


your soft light

barely kisses faces

before you sink 

behind the starry curtain


i don’t look at you for too long

for i might lose my mind

i can’t contain all of you

all at once


you take half a breath

out of my airless lungs

the way you claim

the blue sky,



you roam in my name

they said i was as pale as you


maybe i am like you


i am an awareness

the seeing

the feeling

the breathing


i am


i am


             i am


what is alignment

but to flow 

with the sunshine

through you


to be

the water

that changes shape


to be the light

that is there


cannot be touched


how do you feel about the moon?


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  1. I’ve always been fascinated by the moon and its influence on mythology, literature, and popular culture. As a kid, I loved the way it appeared to keep pace and follow me wherever I went whether walking or riding in a car. Shine on silver, Moonly Brain!

    1. Today, apparently there will be a super moon at dusk! I am very excited!
      Moony Brain! I love it!

  2. I looove looking at the moon, especially when I’m far away from obscene city lights. It’s beautiful!

    Also, if people say that you’re like the moon, take it as a compliment! Because apparently I have the authority to tell others how to feel 😛

    1. Your comment made me chuckle :)))
      Watch out tonight for the full moon, may the sky above be sans clouds!

      1. I got to see the full moon 🙂

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