“To lose confidence in one’s body is to lose confidence in oneself.”
Simone de Beauvoir

The human body. Feeling naked. Is feeling naked scary?


Nude art; statues and painting, bodies bare, void of man-made covers, and proud.


I catch her flesh

In my peripheral vision

Avert my eyes reflectively

And she walks with naked grace

In the locker room


The comfort in her nudity added to her beauty, and filled me with envy.

I fail to look at my unclothed body without harsh judgement.

Civil refinement has masked my body and veiled my mind, blinding me to my nakedness.

I am searching for my undisguised body under the sentenced concealment.

Are you comfortable naked?


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  1. Definitely and emphatically not. Nor would anyone else be (with me naked I mean). 🙂

    1. Hah! Elegantly put!

    1. Same here

  2. Great question…I was just at a beach where some people were naked. It’s funny how some people express their “comfort” with their own nudity by walking up to everyone and trying to strike up a conversation. No thanks!

    1. Oh, I’ve been there. It makes me uncomfortable too. But maybe it shouldn’t. I don’t know anymore!

    1. Same!

  3. Hmmm… What a question! Yes, I am comfortable with my naked body despite its aging and tendency toward flabbiness. What matters to me is not the visible image of our selves but our hearts, minds, and the echoes of our actions. If I were to be asked to judge those three qualities of yours as evidenced by your blog, Em, I would have to pronounce them all not merely sufficient or acceptable but as exemplary.

    1. I do agree, cultivating my mind is the number one priority. And my body can look however it wants to, as long as it feels good. And I sincerely hope that I will (someday) be able to live up to your judgement of me which exceeds all my good virtues and qualities combined. You are much kind to me.

  4. Yep! This body has served me well these past 28 years.

    1. YAAY finally a yes. This makes me so happy. Stay proud of your body x

  5. When i was a smaller size…lol

    1. lol I feel you x

  6. For the first time in years, I’m actually very comfortable with my naked body. It partly has to do with my recent weight loss and partly to do with my new found confidence. However, I am not comfortable having my soul naked. I hate this type of exposure. My soul needs to be clothed.

    1. Oh yaay. that’s amazing to hear (or read). And I think my soul always wants to hide too.

      1. I feel like it probably will for the rest of my life.

  7. I’m quite comfortable naked, by which I mean it feels much more pleasant to not have clothes on. But I have no desire to walk around naked in public. If I ever end up living in a place where I have considerable privacy, or exceptionally ‘open’ roommates, I might refrain from wearing clothes at home on occasion. That’d have to be talked about and agreed to in advance, however.

    1. It’s great that you’re comfortable. And I hope one day you can find the ideal roommates and be your true free self 😀

  8. I find myself getting there slowly as I get older. I find my personal confidence is getting better as I take better care of myself. I also find it much easier to get changed in the locker room at the gym in front of other women, strangers. This is not something I did just a couple years ago. I think for me at this point, it depends on who is around (if anyone) and the situation.

    1. Understandable. I think I am slowly getting to be more comfortable changing in the locker room too, versus crouching terrified in the corner haha

  9. Wow, Em. This is your best poem yet. Wonderful job. I feel like almost every single one of us women have felt like this, and still often do. We have so much pressure on us to look like the girls in the magazines who don’t even look like the girls in the magazines. I just hope and wish we all will be comfortable in our skin one day.

    1. Thanks Sophia x one day we will be comfortable. (hopefully)

  10. I think theres a difference in the way that males and females are raised and beluev eas it adds to our discomfort with nudity for a few reasons. Note that boys are taught to pee outside, their bathrooms with urinals instead of stalls, locker room showers, communal. We females are quite free as children, young children dropped into a tub with siblings.. .paddling in. Just our panties in the pool but soon it changes and we begin to be taught modesty, secrecy, privacy. We become doored, walled and curtained away and with it, as we developed became unsure of ourselves, having nothing to compare our sameness or differences too but an unkind mirror and the fear of being less than perfect.

    1. It’s very true. I was in a public washroom a few weeks ago and there were a few young girls there. One one them proceeded to go to the stall to fix her shirt or change it(I am not sure). And one of her friends yelled out: “Why are you going to the stall, everything’s the same, we are all girls”. That little girl’s words of wisdom really stayed with me!

  11. Em, I think of truth and lies. We can put on any suit of clothes and take an identity, cover our true selves, our flaws. In a 3 piece Italian suit, I am a banker, in a uniform with a badge, I am a cop, in a comfortable sweater and jeans, I am the guy down the street on a weekend. Take it all off, and we lose our role. We become what we are. We become our own truth, naked. I have always embraced this with trepidation towards other. I am good in my own skin, but am really careful not to hurt others. That is my nakedness.

    1. Thank you for sharing this very accurate description. That was my thought process. And thank you for sharing your nakedness as well. I, however, am still trying to figure out who and what I am beyond the disguises of these roles.

  12. Only at home, where nobody can see me! 😀

    1. Same!

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