The crow

“It’s when you hear the crows caw that you know that death is near.”

Anthony T. Hincks.

Denny inspired by Candy Lebby, inspired me to write about crows. I can’t live up to their poems (read them at Rewarding with a Reblog2 Haikus: Crow,) but here goes my tale of the crows:

“I wish I was a crow”, my mom thinks out loud, gazing out the window.”I envy them, so free, I would fly anywhere I desired”.


I am quite sure crows hate me.


Is it that the crows have a lust for her soul? The soul that is captive to a body that served the feeble me.


Dipped in black, sleek, weightless, the crows glide in the sky. Riding the wind. Coalescing into a murky veil.


Striding down the narrow avenue, your eyes gauge me, I gaze at you. I break the link between our eyes. You shadow me watchfully. From pole to pole, you bounce, trailing my path.


You caw for your winged alike.


What unvoiced secrets do your eyes hold? What do your unhuman phonetics orate?


I can never dissect.


You soar away, a dot in the sky.


Leaving me unsettled and churned.


Is there an animal that creeps you out, or seems to not get along with you?


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  1. Very nice, Em, and thank you for the shout-out. Don’t sell yourself short, this is a good post, a brooding, poetic short-short story. I can’t think of any animals that creep me out. Except for parasites of any kind. They make my skin crawl.

    1. Thank you. Oh gosh parasites definitely make all of me cringe as well!

  2. I think you did beautifully! A lovely read. Stirring and haunting. Me, I detest worms. Developed that from an old creepy movie as a kid. ” the world crawl in, the world crawl out…in you stomachs and out your mouth” EWWWWW!

    1. Thank you x
      EW worms are not my favourite either ! [Flinch]

  3. Nice post… actually birds dont creep me out.. but I can name house lizard in the category.. I hate it ?

    1. aaaw, thanks for sharing, I’m not a big fan of lizards either…

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