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the silent treatment

“When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.” 


maybe, you don’t love me anymore

maybe you can’t contain

all of me




maybe, i was a clutch

to you

and now,

i am steady

no more

maybe, i was a bait

in your game

to hook yourself

to worth

maybe, i was a reality

that never lived up

to your dream

maybe, my being was tied

to your delusions


they lie

and you

deprive me

of your words

what can hurt more

than the slicing silence

the silence

that comes before a storm

picks up your heart

and grinds it

into a billion useless shards

the silence that

rapes your happiness

and shoves pills

down its throat


the silence

that kills

less mercifully


a thousand shouts

the silence

that lurks

and slithers

into your bloodstream

one sigh

at a time

how do you feel about the silent treatment?


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  1. for me….the silent treatment is the lowest of the low. Keep Talkin’

    1. YES!

      1. I”m sure you’ve heard this

  2. Excellent, raw, to the heart

    1. Thank you x

  3. This was so relatable – love how you’ve expressed it here.
    ‘the silence that kills less mercifully than a thousand shouts’ – brilliantly written!

    1. Thank you, Tom 🙂

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