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uncomfortable clothes

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”
Mark Twain


this has become my wardrobe
it morphed leisurely
and then all at once

my mind stopped taking my body seriously
my body stopped taking itself seriously
i stopped taking life seriously

i wore jeans on a lazy tuesday
a burgundy pair, collecting the air of nonchalance
from my yoga pants,
it lied patiently
in the indifferent back of my much too comfortable closet
for 4 years

i took myself a dash more seriously on that tuesday
life was faintly uncomfortable
my mind stirred
in its deep stupor

and the dust became thinner
ever so slightly…

Shall we occasionally get uncomfortable and shake the dust off of our minds and stymie complacency?

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  1. Great poetry! Love it!

    1. Thank you x

  2. Absolutely – comfort leads to complacency – not good for the soul. Love this.

    1. Thanks, yes I totally agree now

  3. “Naked people have little or no influence on society.” Tell that to Stormy Daniels.

    1. Aaaaaaah, I had to Google this! Very clever!

  4. Headline: Mark Twain dresses down the Porn Industry.

    1. Hah!

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